The Money Shot: who wants to be a billionaire?

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You can't beat a bit of bullion
"Perhaps splashing the cash makes you hungry for some loving, as the majority of amorous billionaires have four children on average"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

The exclusive billionaire's league has less than 2,000 members worldwide and we want in.

So what does it take to get into the lucky elite who enjoy making it rain on a daily basis?

The stats boffins at have come up trumps, allowing us to delve into the deep pockets of the billionaire's club to find out what they have in common, with this new luxury billionaires interactive.

We've carefully selected a few highlights for you...

Age is but a number

To all our fresh-faced would-be billionaires, we come bearing bad news: like a young cheese on its way to stinky ripeness, you have some maturing to do.

Let's put it this way, it's likely you'll be picking up your senior citizen's bus pass with your fat pay check, because the majority of billionaires are past 50 years of age!

Put a ring on it

It would seem having a 'ball and chain' is pretty much essential to being a billionaire, with 88% sharing their love shack with a spouse.

Time to stop being so picky on Tinder.

Children are the future

Perhaps splashing the cash makes you hungry for some loving, as the majority of amorous billionaires have four children on average... and a couple of cheeky au pairs too, we would wager.

We don't need no education

It would appear we actually do, as over 50% have a doctorate or bachelors. But if you hated school, fear not – 24% of billionaires were drop-outs or had no higher education.

Take that, school system.

What's your sign?

It really is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, as it's the star sign of choice for the financially well-endowed.

This is followed closely by Taurus, because when you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Through the looking glass

Many people associate having glasses with being intelligent, but is it true?

It has fluctuated over the years but currently just over 40% of the top 100 billionaires wear specs.

Could it be completely random or a result of laser eye surgery hitting the big time?

Now you've had a cheeky peek, why not feast your eyes on our incredible billionaires infographic in its entirety?

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News in brief

'Facebook Reactions' were introduced this week and everyone lost their mind. Now you can really show your friends and family how you feel… without having to see or talk to them.

The UK has been deemed a hotbed of economic crime, with accountancy giant PwC warning that companies aren't preparing themselves adequately against the threat of cybercrime - In particular, the rise of 'silver fraudsters' – bitter former staff, hell-bent on revenge against their former employers.

In dinosaur news, a recent study of 12,000-year old DNA (no, it's not Bruce Forsyth's) has uncovered a beast named a glyptodon that lived up until the last ice age and is in fact related to the armadillo. It also could grow to the size of a car. Imagine that.

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