Top British bike routes for spring

A biker on a bend
Britain: it's built for bikers
“Park your bike on the seafront, stroll along the beach with your helmet on and have an ice cream!”
  • | by Dave Jenkins

Spring: a seasonal highlight on any biker’s calendar.

For all-weather riders it’s time to finally shed a few layers, dial down the heated grips and really feel the road.

For fair-weather riders, it’s a chance to whip off the covers and take the pride and joy for its first adventure of the year.

“That first day you can go out without all your togs on and only need one layer is bliss,” agrees Bristolian all-weather rider Tessa Beeching. “The sun is shining, maybe a few daffodils out in bloom... beautiful. Time to start planning your trips!”

The UK is blessed with great trips full of exciting challenges, throttle-stretching straights and picture-perfect views.

But this time of year the best routes are ones loaded with guaranteed stop-off shelters in case the petulant British weather decides to throw a soggy strop. Here are four of our favourites...

Parsley Hay Circuit (12 miles)


Image: Wikimedia Commons

A route with serious history: in 1955 world champion trials rider Bill Lomas and Aston Martin works driver Reg Parnell devised this Peak District road racing track to match the Isle Of Man’s famous and challenging TT circuit.

Derbyshire county council were all over it. The House Of Lords were too... until that same year Pierre Levegh crashed in the grandstand at Le Mans killing 83 people.

“The government said ‘we don’t want any of that nastiness here thank you very much!’ Just think what could have been!” explains freelance motorcycle writer Nigel Shuttleworth who has recently traced the circuit.

“The back roads are narrow and fairly bumpy but there’s not a lot of traffic at the weekend. The road itself through Monyash is great and only challenging if you go too fast.

“There are lovely views from Long Rake and a nice twisty hilly section back down to Newhaven. It’s a rather nice 12-mile stretch based around a brilliant pub.”

The route begins in Monyash, heading south to Newhaven before taking the A515 north back the starting point. The pub in question is the cosy, classic English inn The Bull I’ Th’  Thorn which also has its own B&B and campsite. As a stop-off point it couldn’t tick more boxes if it tried.