The Money Shot: The Freddo effect

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Getting ripped off makes us hopping mad!
"The biccies have been on quite the diet too, previously weighing in at a bulging 332g and now just scraping a paltry 300g. For shame!"
  • | by Abbie Laughton-Coles

If there's one thing that gets the hackles of the British public up like no other, it's not getting what we paid for.

And according to Which? it may be time to gird our loins once more, because it appears we're getting stiffed in the supermarket.

Researchers from the consumer saviour found that, indeed, a number of our everyday items are shrinking before our very eyes.

Surely the prices have reduced in line with our now-diminutive household favourites though? After all these companies only have our best interests at heart.

Well think again. In some supermarkets the prices have stayed exactly the same and only the size has changed – and not for the better.

So if you picked up a packet of McVitie's dark chocolate digestive biscuits and suddenly worried that your hand had undergone a dramatic growth spurt overnight, we're here to put your mind at ease. It's actually the delicious treat that has shrunk, so you can stop worrying about your giant hands.

The biccies have been on quite the diet too, previously weighing in at a bulging 332g and now just scraping a paltry 300g. For shame!

Of course this is not the first time we've become upset at overpaying.

Cast your mind back to the halcyon days of April 2015 when the indicator of inflation, a Freddo bar, was found to cost 65p as opposed to the 10p treats we all know and loved.

The real stinker being that it was still exactly the same size, it was just more than six times the original price... it's still too soon to talk about it.

It's not just those cheeky sweet indulgences that you need to look out for either.

The Which? crew uncovered that Andrex customers may be caught short, with its standard rolls being cut from 240 to 221 sheets.

Scurvy sufferers will have to become savvy shoppers too because Tropicana has reduced its Pure Premium orange and raspberry juice from one litre to 850ml.

Others on the Which? hitlist included Sensodyne Total Care Extra toothpaste and Dettol's Pure bathroom wipes, which were being sold at certain supermarkets at the original price but in a smaller size.

So when you head on your next weekly shop, make sure you take a look at exactly what you're putting in your basket and perhaps in emergencies whip out the weighing scales.

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News in brief

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