The Money Shot: Mind the gap

Image of a London bus
London, yesterday
"Nice little ‘bunsen burner’ as we’re led to believe they say round those parts"
  • | by Kristian Dando

Here is London… Giddy London… is it home of the free or what?” crooned coiffed popster Morrissey in his 1988 single ‘Hairdresser on Fire’.

The ‘You’re the One for me Fatty’ hitmaker doesn’t always get it right (the less said about his books the better), but his appraisal of London as ‘giddy’ was certainly on the mark, particularly when it comes to property prices.

In the week when the self-proclaimed Greatest City In The World welcomed a new mayor, we witnessed yet another hilarious example of the capital eating itself when a four-metre gap between two houses in Shepherd’s Bush was sold for a preposterous £400,000. Oh, London!

The land, which belongs to owner Paul Potts (not that one) and his wife Debbie, was originally earmarked for an extension to adjoining house. But when the idea was knocked back by planners, the pair decided to cash in by flogging the land to developers for close to half a million quid.

Nice little ‘bunsen burner’ as we’re led to believe they say round those parts.

But what could that sort of moolah buy you elsewhere?

In Swansea, you could buy an incredible six bedroom property with commanding sea views.

In Leeds, you could get your hands on an sizeable four-bedroom structure.

North of the border, how about this Grand Designs-aping number in Glasgow?

In Liverpool, what about this sumptuous seven-bedroom townhouse?

All a lot more appealing than a four metre patch of tarmac, we're sure you'll agree.

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News in brief

The High Court is just about to rule on whether parents can take kids out of school for holidays during term time without being fined.

The number of evictions from rental properties rose 15% in the first three months of 2016, according to the Ministry of Justice.

MPs have warned that there are “serious risks” of more PPI-esque misselling scandals around the corner.

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Covered mag letters


I much enjoyed your rumination upon the so-called ‘driverless car’ last week.

Indeed, I often like to ‘go driverless’ myself.

Allow to elaborate.

On the long haul drive from our Staffordshire home to Dorset, I like to let my charming spouse Doris take the wheel while I take a restorative kip.

She’s a game old bird, with quite the reach, and taking the wheel and gearstick while I catch 40 winks doesn’t seem to trouble her too much at all.

You should give it a try some time.

Bye for now,

Barry, Stoke-On-Trent

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