Six no-faff Halloween costumes for 2016

Image of person cosplaying as Harley Quinn
Trick or treat?
"You’re probably not going to want for Harley Quinns and Leto-Jokers in town this Halloween, but the fact is this rag-tag bunch of anti-heroes makes for a good, diverse group costume option"
  • | by Rachel England

It’s safe to say that this year has been… eventful, so fancy dress fans have no end of outfit inspiration this Halloween.

But in time-honoured Gocompare tradition we suggest stepping away from the cheap and nasty polyester costumes and instead trying these pop culture-inspired creations for maximum effect with minimal effort.

Pokemon Go

Image of cosplayers dressed as Pokemon trainers

Image via Flickr by Jeff Higgins

Augmented reality gaming finally hit the mainstream market this year in the form of Pokemon Go, a game that sees players ambling into moving traffic and falling down canyons as they search their locale for cute-but-deadly Japanese critters.

There’s over 700 types of Pokemon (with 151 catchable in the game), so die-hard fans have a staggering selection to cosplay if that’s what they’re into.

Otherwise, keep it straightforward by wearing a baseball cap and backpack, while spending the entire night staring at your phone and asking people if you can borrow their chargers. 

Stranger Things

The awesome 80s-set science fiction TV show Stranger Things appeared on Netflix without a great deal of fanfare, but it wasn’t long before it had turned pop culture upside down (pun!).

Telekinetic wonderchild Eleven and third-wheel Barb are likely to be costume favourites this year, but you can nod to the drama by wrapping yourself in battery-powered fairy lights and scrawling the letters of the alphabet about your person.


Image of lemondade

Beyonce all-but broke the internet in April when she released her sixth album, Lemonade.

Not only did she do so without warning, but an exclusivity deal meant she had fans scrambling to the 'premium' streaming service Tidal – owned by her husband, the rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z - to listen to it.

Oh yeah, speaking of Jay-Z, it seems like the entire album is about his alleged infidelity so that got people talking a bit, too.

According to Google results, ‘lemonade’, the refreshing beverage may as well now cease to exist.

Replicate this iconic album drop in outfit form by wearing something yellow and savagely squeezing lemons to a pulp with your bare hands in front of concerned party-goers (or by carrying actual lemonade, whatever).

Suicide Squad

Image of cosplayers dressed as Harley Quinn and the Joker

Image: V Threepio via Flickr

You’re probably not going to want for Harley Quinns and Leto-Jokers in town this Halloween, but the fact is this rag-tag bunch of anti-heroes makes for a good, diverse group costume option.

Outfits can be assembled from bits and bobs already lurking in your wardrobe and if you tell me you can’t find a toy gun from somewhere I’ll call you a liar.

Go crazy with the face paint and coloured hair spray, then get out there and behave with the same decorum and finesse that you’d expect from a bunch of people who make a living raising hell.

Boris Trump


Image: Matt Brown via Flickr

Has anyone ever seen Boris Johnson and Donald Trump in the same room together?

This pair of luxuriously coiffed politicians have seldom been out of the news this year, and you can’t deny that they look eerily similar.

Well the good news is that you needn’t choose between the two of them.

Simply purchase a flappy blonde wig and spend the evening loudly sharing ‘common sense’ opinions with people.


Image of 2016 written on a wall

Yes, you read that right. 2016. The whole of it.

The whole year in its entirety, because unless you’ve been living in a cave with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears, it can’t have escaped your notice that this year has been… tumultuous.

We’ve lost a host of icons, including Alan Rickman, David Bowie and Prince.

Love as we know it died when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split up. Families and communities were divided by the Brexit vote. The economy wobbled. To cap matters off, Harambe, a beloved gorilla, was killed by zookeepers in Cincinatti.

Pay homage to this testing year by covering yourself in 2016 calendar pages marked with all the events that have so far made up a very peculiar 12 months.

Having a big Halloween knees-up this year? Make sure your belongings are adequately protected with a robust home contents policy and be sure to check your exclusions

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Main image: Gax8627  via Flickr