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"A collective switching party should be a fun, no-pressure environment where everyone is feeling comfortable and uninhibited"
  • | by Kristian Dando

Dr Moore-Money is the resident comparison expert at Gocompare.com.

If you’ve got a question about comparing things online then he’s your man - and nothing is taboo.

In this session, the doc will be discussing all things energy

Dearest Doctor Moore-Money,

Image of a bored couple

The nights have drawn in and it’s cold outside, which means that I’m dead keen for a few quality evenings in with the missus with the curtains drawn, cranking up the heat.

Alas, she’s having none of it.

Every time I try and cajole her into getting cosy, she swats away my advances with a frosty huff, and returns to her Sudoku puzzles, usually telling me to go and put another jumper on if I need warming up.

I’ve even resorted to attempting to have a cheeky spin (of the dial) when she’s not looking, but she soon susses what I’m up to and throws a proverbial bucket of cold water over my fun.

In fact, rather than stay in the house I’m opting to go and warm my cockles down the pub, where I’m always welcomed by Tracey, the new barmaid, who giggles at my witty remarks as she lovingly squeezes out a foaming measure of Bishop’s Tipple.

Any tips on how I can bring the wife around?

Derrick, Greater Manchester

Dear Derrick,

Image of dial being cranked up

You’ll be relieved to learn that this is a common problem.

A scientific study carried out by my friends at Gocompare.com in 2013 (which is just as relevant today) found that nearly a quarter of couples fall out when it comes to turning up the heat.

However, there appears to be something of a ‘role-reversal’ in your domestic scenario – usually, it’s the female in the relationship who’s gagging to give the dial a tweak at this time of year, with the gentleman of the household tending to put a dampener on proceedings.

You both have needs and desires, which you should be mutually respectful of.

But your partner should also be mindful that her reticence to turn the heat on could have serious implications – bursting pipes are a real concern at this time of year.

How about suggesting an intimate evening of comparing energy online?

Just fire up Gocompare.com’s energy comparison tool and show your wife the tantalising deals on offer.

When she feasts her eyes on the bevy of seductive savings you could cajole her into going the whole hog and switching. You might find that she’ll be much more free and easy from then on…

Dearest Doctor Moore-Money,

Image of couple comparing things

My partner and I are always looking for new ways to spice things up, especially when it comes to switching.

We’re always at it – bank accounts, breakdown cover, broadband, you name it.

In fact, we’re so mad for it that it seems we’re constantly egging each other on to find more extreme ways of comparing things.

Take last Wednesday, for instance. One minute we were enjoying a shepherd’s pie and a bottle of Black Tower… then our eyes met and he gave me that look.

Next thing you know, we were rabidly running a quote for bungalow insurance on Gocompare.com… despite us living in a two-floor Baratt home.

Any ideas for something we can do to raise the temperature a notch this winter?

George and Linda, Scarborough

Dear George and Linda,

Wow -  it sounds like you two have a hot and spicy comparison life already!

As you seem loving and committed, here’s an idea for you – how about getting friends and neighbours involved in the fun too?

Collective switching is a hot new craze which is taking the nation by storm.

It involves clubbing together with others – usually complete strangers – to land a sizzling ‘members only’ deal on your energy. It’s easy, and there’s no commitment to switch once you’ve signed up.

So why not throw a ‘by invitation only’ collective switching party?

Image of a masquerade

Spend an evening tantalisingly writing invitations to neighbours you’d like to know a little better, and close friends. You could come up with imaginative ideas for cocktails and nibbles, too.

When the night comes, welcome your guests and let the conversation flow. Make sure you remind them to bring a copy of their latest utility bill, too.

When everyone’s feeling suitably socially lubricated, surprise them with your true intentions.

Of course at this point, some guests may get cold feet – this is fine. A collective switching party should be a fun, no-pressure environment where everyone is feeling comfortable and uninhibited.

However, for the committed few, why not put on a show for them? You and your husband could take to the centre of the room and show them just how easy it is.

You might find that a few more curious members begin to be more forthcoming. Let them join in, if they’re up for it. Perhaps guide them through. Some might feel more comfortable just watching.

Your bashes will soon be the talk of the neighbourhood! And so might your savings…

Dear Dr Moore-Money,

Image of an old boiler

I’m considering trading in my clapped-out old boiler for a new, younger model.

The current one takes its time getting warmed up, and makes a frightful din in the process.

I’ve been casting my eye around the marketplace and a few have caught my eye.

Any wisdom for making my next step?

Brian, Southwold

Dear Brian,

Boilers which have seen better days can be a terrible drain on your resources, so now might well be the time to trade up.

There’s a plethora of options out there, and some energy companies will even offer a trade-in for your own model. Most come with a manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.

However, it’s always important to remember that new boilers require regular servicing too – if neglected they might end up being just as bothersome as your existing model!

Join us next month for another edition of the doc’s clinic. Until then, send us your problems.