The Dr Moore-Money guide to a richer, happier 2017

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Set sail into a wonderful new year with Dr Moore-Money
"From car insurance and credit cards to mortgages and energy, there’s ample ways for ways you to make yourself richer by saving money on a wide range of financial products"
  • | by Kristian Dando

Dr Moore-Money, our resident comparison expert, has taken a break from his busy festive schedule to prepare a selection of tips to get you financially fit in 2017.

So, without further ado, here they are…

Transfer that balance

Image of credit cards

Ever get that feeling you’ve overdone it at Christmas?

We all do it. Lord knows, I certainly feel the sting after some of the lavish Champagne receptions that myself and the wife throw at Moore-Money Heights.

What you need at this time of year is a veritable financial Alka-Seltzer to alleviate that headache and reduce the bloating (so to speak) of your Christmas spend.

Luckily, I’ve got just the thing – a balance transfer credit card.

It will permit you to transfer your existing debt to a juicy low (or even zero) interest card, allowing you to make manageable payments with little or no extra interest, for a small initial fee – usually a small percentage of the total balance transfer.

Remember, those low terms don’t last forever, so make sure the full balance is paid off before the more expensive rates kick in.

Invest in your home

Image a bathroom being improved

Adding a new bath suite or kitchen can seriously increase the value of your home, and make day-to-day life much more pleasurable.

Indeed, I’ve recently blown a wad on a new rumpus room, and it’s already played host to a fair few raucous nights with the boys from the golf club.

Of course, home improvements don’t come cheap. If you don’t have the ready cash, a loan might be a sensible action.

I wouldn’t usually prescribe a loan flippantly, but given the value it could potentially add to your house, it could be a prudent move.

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Remember, failure to keep up with repayments could land you in serious financial hot water, so be cautious with what you can and cannot afford to borrow.

Amateur antics

Image of investments

You heard it here first – 2017 is the year of the amateur investor.

Savings have been in the doldrums for some time, and with the base rate of interest at a historic low of 0.25% they’re not looking to be improving any time soon.

So, the real money heads will be turning their attention to the world of investments to extract maximum bang for their buck. I know I have….

Watch this space for some exciting news regarding investments from my very good friends at…

Get your life insurance in order

Image of a family hula hooping

If 2016 taught us anything, it was that we’re all mortal.

Icons from David Bowie and Prince to Kimbo Slice and Terry Wogan all passed away during the last year.

Lord knows, when I was a young student sowing my wild oats at Newport Polytechnic College, I thought I was going to live forever. Now, at a more advanced vintage, I know that’s simply not the case.

Therefore, I make sure that Mrs Moore-Money and our two grown-up children – both living in Virginia Water and doing very well for themselves, thank you very much – are provided for should the worst happen with a robust life insurance policy.

You should do the same – and why not start your search with

Don’t stop switching

Image of people comparing stuff online

This is the most important message I could possibly give you. 

The road to riches is a long one, and on it, there are innumerable opportunities for a switching pit stop.

Everything from car insurance to credit cards, mortgages to energy can be switched, so there’s ample ways for you to make yourself richer by saving money on a wide range of financial products.

So, make 2017 your year of switching. You’d be mad not to.

I know I’ll have compared at least, oooh, seven things before Mrs Moore-Money and I load up the Discovery and trundle off to Val-d’Isere for our annual week on the pistes in February… and I strongly suggest you do the same.

Dr Moore-Money will return in 2017. Until then, send us your letters.