Get the best 67 plate bargains

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Snap up these deals if your car or van was first registered between 1992 and 2010
Get £2,000 off cars and up to £7,000 off vans
  • | by Amanda Bathory

The DVLA's 50 years late for the hippy revolution, but finally, the summer of love is about to hit UK roads and that can mean only one thing; it's time to bag a bargain.

All cars registered between September, 2017, and February, 2018, will contain the prefix ‘67’, but the only thing ‘outta sight’ about cars with this reg is high prices.

Save thousands on a new car or van

Trade in your old, dirty diesel motor in exchange for a spanking new eco model and reap the rewards. Yes, you’re saving the planet, but there’s some serious dosh up for grabs, too, with several major marques launching scrappage schemes in recent weeks.

You could get £2,000 off for cars (or more, if combined with other offers), and up to £7,000 off for vans.

Most offers extend to old bangers registered before 2010 (and some cases, 2011) allowing you to realise a higher resale value than if you chucked it on AutoTrader.

Does your car qualify?

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You can probably snap up these deals if  your car or van was first registered between 1992 and 2010.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), there are 19.3 million of you with pre-Euro 5 emissions motors out there, and you qualify for these deals, so even if you’re not in the market for a new car right now, this could be a wicked opportunity to bag a new motor at a knock-down price.

How to buy an eco 67- reg car

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The editorial director at Haymarket Automotive, Jim Holder, says: “Scrappage schemes are obviously limited to four manufacturers at present, with certain exceptions on models that can be bought,” so who are these car dealers and what have they got on offer?

Ford, BMW, Volkswagon (VW) and Mercedes-Benz are pushing scrappage schemes that last almost as long as the 67 registration time stamp, although their timeframes and terms differ.

Want to get a greener Mercedes and you’ll need to act before 31 December, 2017, registering the new car before March, 2018. You can’t trade-in a petrol car, but if it’s a Euro 1 to 4 diesel of any brand, you‘ve owned it for six months and it was built before January, 2011, you’re good to go.

Upgrade with Ford, and likewise, you must do so before the end of this year. Your trade-in car must be registered before 1 January 2010 and have been in your possession for 90 days.

The BMW Lower Emissions Allowance allows swapsies for any BMW model across its range with less than 130g/km CO2 emissions, (yes, including Minis’!) for owners of a Euro 4 (EU4) emission standard or below diesel vehicles.

As for VW's Scrappage Upgrade Scheme, it' not just VWs up for grabs - all of its UK brands will take part. Eyeing up an Audi? A Seat? Maybe a Skoda? Then, it's your lucky day! VW will accept any diesel model with emissions standards lower than Euro 5, registered before 31 December, 2009.

Get the best discount

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Ford’s offering £2,000 off a new car valued at £12,000. Or, if trading in a van, you could get up to £7,000 off.

BMW rewards scrappers with £2,000 off any car in its range with emissions under 130g/km.

Mercedes Diesel Changeover Bonus  is shaving £2,000 off one of its new, cleaner diesel, pure plug in or hybrid models.

VW’s has offered drivers in Germany up to £9,000 off in a similar incentive, and here in the UK customers can drive away with up to £6,000 off their model of choice.

Best model

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Jim Holder recommends you shop smart and use the discount to get the best electric cars on the market. WhatCar? tips the BMW i3 as one of the best cars under the scrappage scheme.

Best buys

An image of the Volkswagon e-Golf

If you can’t afford a Mercedes, don’t fret, you can pick up a Smart Electric Drive with a £1,000 discount because it’s a subsidiary of Mercedes. The neat city car travels 99 miles on a single charge – pretty nifty.

If you’d prefer a VW, WhatCar? picks out the e-up! and everyone’s favourite, the e-Golf.

If your budget extends to a fancy Merc after all, lots of its models are available under the scrappage scheme. A, B and C-Class MPV, hatchback, saloon, estate, coupe and cabriolet models are all included, plus the G-Class SUV.

What if your car doesn’t qualify?

Have you heard that low emissions vehicles are eligible for a grant?

It’s true, if you’ve got your eye on a green motor, chances are you could be awarded 20% to 35% off the purchase price.

Check out if you can get some cash for putting a cleaner vehicle on your drive, here.