On The Road

The rise of the smart car

In-car entertainment is the new frontier of smart technology. Emily Bater asks if safety checks are keeping pace with the speed of new developments... More

Motoring writer Phil Huff has travelled the world, taking on some of the most amazing roads. Here's a selection of some which everybody should try at least once... More

Poor driving? When in Rome...

Italy has topped a poll of places which British tourists are scared to drive. Abbie Laughton-Coles investigates...


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Goodwood 72MM show report

Dan Bevis returns to the Goodwood circuit to peruse the automotive bounty on show at the first Goodwood 72MM show... More

Road test: MG6 GT Diesel

Phil Huff sizes up the new diesel variant in the rebooted MG's family hatchback range More

The electric vehicle has had a bit of a false dawn, but might 2014 be the year it finally lives up to its potential? More

Get wise to the various tactics employed by salesmen at your local used car dealership...


Phil Huff heads to Switzerland to check out the automotive bounty on show at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show...


Road test: Morgan 3 Wheeler

Daniel Bevis takes the fresh-for-2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler out for a spin, picks the flies from his teeth, then does it again. And again...