The money shot

The Money Shot: Poundland treasures

Poundland may be losing shares but it's still got devoted fans – including the Money Shot More

The Money Shot: a spooky special

This week’s Money Shot is daubing itself in fake blood and going out to cause mischief More

The Money Shot: boss fraudsters

This week’s Money Shot looks into murky email scams purporting to be from the gaffer


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The Money Shot: switching sides

This week’s Money Shot considers the prospect of switching football teams like you would car insurance

The Money Shot: carrier bag drama

Emily Bater asks if the new 5p charge has brought England to a standstill More

The Money Shot: out in the cold

Pity the hapless fools who cold call the Money Shot... More

The Money Shot – diesel in decline?

This week’s 'Shot gets caught up in the big Volkswagen hullaballoo More

The Money Shot: May the force be with you

In this week's Money Shot we feel the force and find out how much you could expect to shell out for a piece of Star Wars history More

This week's Money Shot ruminates on the polarised fortunes of traditional supermarkets and their Teutonic rivals