Time Off

Dave Jenkins went to his first festival at the age of 10. Now a proud dad, he’s about to introduce his daughter to the weird and wonderful world of festivals. Here’s how he’ll do it…

Make sure you know your maillot jaune from your lanterne rouge as the Tour de France gets set for its Yorkshire Grand Départ More

As Tour de France fever sweeps the UK ahead of the race's Grand Départ from Yorkshire, Sean Davies looks at how, when and why we embraced life on two unpowered wheels More

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Dog walking diaries: Obliviousness

  • at home
  • 26 Jun, 2014
  • | by Rachel England

Rachel England's final dog-walking diary concerns a harrowing experience in a park. More

Haggle on the high street or exchange online - when it comes to currency, make sure you shop around, says Emily Bater More

Tennis finance: Sharing the love

  • time off
  • 20 Jun, 2014
  • | by Sean Davies

As Wimbledon winners ride high on the hog, Sean Davies asks you to spare a thought for the wallet-weary minions of the Pimm's-swigging circuit More

When English football and the pop charts collide it's not often pretty. Emily Bater rounds up the cream and the crud More

How to watch the big summer of football

  • time off
  • 10 Jun, 2014
  • | by Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas shows you how to extract maximum viewing enjoyment from the forthcoming football frenzy More

We’re looking for shocking feats of miserly behaviour.  Reveal yours and you could win £1,000… More