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Never miss out on the biggest money stories of the week ever again with our highly concentrated round-up of news More

Talking money with Dr Joe Gladstone

GoCompare recently collaborated with one of Britain’s most exciting financial minds – we gave him a call to get to know him better More

How to reduce debt stress

It can be difficult to know which way to turn when you're in debt... More

Britain, it's time to go cashless

From bitcoin to contactless, we're embracing the move away from real money - but at what cost? More

The credit crunch: 10 years on

A look back through not-so-rose-tinted glasses at the start of the global financial crisis More

British Gas turns up the heat on households

  • At Home
  • 1 Aug, 2017
  • | by Kristian Dando

Parent company of big six member hikes electricity costs by 12.5% - is it time you switched? More

Britain’s switchiest cities revealed

GoCompare and a top academic have teamed up to lift the lid on switching psychology. The results may surprise you…


Don't fall foul of the clamping curse

Are you choosing between paying tax and other escalating car costs? More

Five ways to avoid a payday loan

When the villagers are igniting torches, wielding pitchforks and banging on the FCA’s door about failings, is a payday loan ever a good option? More