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Compare Caribbean cruises, no-fly cruises, short breaks, last-minute deals, special promotions and more...

  • You could save money by comparing cruises online
  • See prices for each cabin category
  • Sort by price, sailing date, cruise line, ship rating or browse the latest special offers


  • When's the best time to book a cruise?

    When it comes to cruising, prices tend to come down between 60 and 90 days before this ship sails. Final deposits are usually due around this time, as some passengers pull out unexpectedly
    Rachel England, journalist
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Why choose Gocompare.com's cruise comparison service?

With the help of Our Holiday Centre[1] you can compare multiple cruise holiday options in one quick and easy search, then purchase online.

Need more information?

If you click the 'Get Prices' button above, our simple-to-use quotes form will ask for your preferred sailing date.

You can then choose to look at all destinations, or narrow your search according to the area you know you want to visit.

Similarly, you can choose to compare all the cruise lines available, or just look at your preferred cruising company.

The final drop-down question allows you to choose the preferred duration of your cruise holiday - two-to-six nights, seven-to-nine nights, 10-to-14 nights, or over 14 nights. If you prefer, you can search any duration to see all the trips on offer.

Our results page will then present the available holidays featuring the name of the cruise line and trip, duration, pictures, names and star ratings of the cruise ships, and ports visited (departure, return and en-route).

Did you know...?

  • 47% of UK travellers aged 18-34 take their laptop on holiday with them[2]
  • 92% take their mobile or smartphone[2]
  • 46% can't relax if they're not able to check their emails on holiday[2]

The prices are broken down by cabin category - inside, ocean view, balcony and suite.

You can click through for more information on the cruise line and ship and, when you find an option you like, follow the link for more detailed holiday information.

If you're happy, you can then proceed with a simple online purchase.

If you're struggling with the options, at every stage on our forms you'll see a phone number you can call for help, plus links to a 'contact us' page and to an FAQ section.

You can also try Gocompare.com's cruise guides, where you'll find the answers to more frequently asked questions.

Our guides describe the different sorts of cruise - fly, no-fly, taster and cruise-and-stay - and tell you what to expect from the different cabin options.

Get help on how to choose a ship and what to look for in your cruise travel insurance policy, then find out more about dress codes, food options and other tips and things to consider.