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Defaqto logo held by Gio Compario has teamed up with independent financial researcher Defaqto to make the process of choosing insurance even easier.

Key points

  • Independent star ratings and product information from financial researcher Defaqto can help you choose the right insurance
  • uses Defaqto information in its car, home, pet and travel insurance comparison services
  • Helps with our core aim of getting you the right product at the right price

Buying insurance can be costly, time consuming and confusing and - although comparison sites such as strive to make the process as simple as possible - it's sometimes been difficult to know you've got the cover you need.

We have an ongoing commitment to make searching for and purchasing insurance as clear and straightforward as possible in order to help you find the policy that you need at the most competitive price we can deliver.

To develop this ambition further, we've partnered with independent financial researcher Defaqto.

On you’ll be able to see up to 30 features on selected financial products, some of which have also been independently assessed by Defaqto's star ratings, based on the level of features and benefits they offer.

The changes and benefits are within our car, home and pet insurance quotes processes. Our travel insurance comparison service, which is run through our partner,[1] also benefits from Defaqto's feature information.Wallet

What is Defaqto?

Defaqto is an independent financial researcher focused on supporting better financial decision making.

At its heart is the UK's largest retail financial product database which covers over 32,000 products across banking, general insurance, life insurance, pensions and investments.[2]

"Our aim is to help people make better financial decisions," said Defaqto's Mike Powell. "It's critical for people to match the features and benefits of an insurance policy with the cover they need and not focus on price alone, to avoid any surprises if and when they need to make a claim.

"By using our unbiased feature information and independent star ratings, as well as price information already available on, consumers have the information they need to help them with their purchasing decisions."

By marrying up's quotes process with Defaqto's feature data and independent ratings, we can offer you jargon-free, easy-to-understand information

How does this help me?

Whether you purchase your insurance through a comparison site, directly online with an insurer, over the phone or in person, there's a good chance that you won't fully understand the levels of cover that the policy provides.

Do you know whether your pet insurance policy covers your furry friend for differing types of alternative treatment in the event of an illness? Or whether it allows you to claim for dental treatment for your dog or cat? If you have to cancel or make changes to your policy, what fees will you be charged?

Does your car policy cover your sat-nav? Can you get a courtesy car when yours is off the road? Could your choice of repairer impact on your courtesy car benefits and repair guarantee?

What about your home insurance? If, for example, you lose your house keys, will your insurer pay for the costs of calling out a locksmith? Is your bicycle covered? How about the contents of your freezer?

By marrying up's quotes process with Defaqto's feature data and independent ratings, we can offer you jargon-free, easy-to-understand information on the product features as you compare quotes.

That way you can be more confident that your policy offers sufficient cover for the things you need it to - and that you're not paying for additional features that you don't require.Laptop

How does it work?

Defaqto provides with independent, daily updates on policy features offered by the insurance brands that we compare in our quotes process.

When you compare car, home or pet insurance with, you'll be asked to fill out our simple-to-use forms, after which you'll be presented with the results screen showing prices and basic product details.

Also on the screen you'll see easy-to-follow links on policy areas that you may like further clarification on, and clicking here will present you with the latest Defaqto information on the product you're interested in.

When you're happy that you've found the right product for your needs, there's the option to proceed to purchase online.

If you still feel that you need more information, why not see if you can find the answer in's guide pages?