Digital television

Digital television

Compare the latest deals for digital television services, including TV, broadband and phone bundles

  • Compare digital TV bundles with the help of broadbandchoices[1]
  • Enter your postcode to compare the deals available in your area
  • Sort packages by cost, features and much more...


How can we help you with digital TV today?

With the help of our partners broadbandchoices[1] you can compare the latest deals for digital television services, including TV, broadband and phone bundles, in one simple search.

This gives you the chance to save money and find a package that's best suited to your requirements.

All you need to do to find the options in your area is enter your postcode and select whether you want to look at just digital TV options, or packages including broadband and, if required, a home phone line.

If just TV is selected, you'll be presented with our best-buy table showing the name of the provider, the package description, monthly charge, any set-up/equipment costs, whether premium channels and/or digital replay are included, and any special offers.

Did you know...?

  • Many new TVs are much more energy efficient than old analogue sets
  • Providers like Sky, Virgin Media and BT TV are also experts in broadband and bundling your services together may make sense

The package comparison table will include all these elements, plus details of the broadband download speed, usage limit and modem and, if a landline is included, any call deals.

If you're struggling with any of those terms, just click the title in the table for a simple explanation.

You can also sort the table according to whichever factor is of most importance to you.

When you find an option you like you can proceed to purchase online or, if you prefer, some of the providers offer a phone number to call.

If you feel that you need more information before making a decision, try our digital TV guides where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Find out more about the basics of digital TV, the advantages it has over old analogue options, how you get a signal, the equipment needed, bundling packages and the payment options open to you.