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Digital TV library

Our guides give you the facts so you can make an informed choice when you compare digital TV providers and prices.


Beginners' guide to digital TV

Learn the basics of digital television including options, equipment, bundles, connecting to mobile devices, and comparing and switching providers.

Beginners' guide to digital TV »

Digital TV bundles

Bundling up your digital television with your phone and broadband could mean less fuss and potential savings, but shouldn't mean taking out services you don't need.

Digital TV bundles »

Frequently asked questions on digital TV

Get the answers to FAQs, then compare prices to find the right deal for you.

Frequently asked questions on digital TV »

Movie TV packages

Are you a film fanatic? Find a cheap deal on the right TV package with access to the latest movies.

Movie TV packages »

Pay TV vs freeview

Compare pay TV packages and Freeview options to find the right choice for you.

Pay TV vs Freeview »

Sports TV packages

Do you live for sports? Find the cheap sports TV packages to satisfy you.

Sports TV packages »

TV on demand

Compare TV packages to find one with TV on demand services.

TV on demand »

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Switching broadband provider

Details of planned changes to simplify the broadband switching process and place full responsibility for the change on your new provider.

Switching broadband provider »


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