Gas and electricity

Gas and electricity

  • Compare gas, electricity and dual fuel price plans
  • Compare small energy suppliers against the big six


Business gas and electricity

Business gas and electricity

  • Save money when you switch to a cheaper business energy tariff
  • No disruption to your supply when you switch


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Key points

  • Sticking on the same tariff year after year could cost you a lot of money
  • The more energy providers you compare, the better your chance of finding the right one
  • Both businesses and domestic energy users could benefit from shopping around for utilities

Whether you're looking to save on domestic and/or business energy bills,'s core aim of getting you the right deal at the right price can connect you with the appropriate gas and electricity company and help you get value from your utilities supplier.

We were the first comparison site to focus on showing you the features of insurance policies as well as the price, and this simple tenet remains central to our thinking about every product we offer.

To help make your energy choices well informed and uncomplicated, we aim to provide you with the information you need and an easy-to-use comparison service.

If you're a domestic energy customer, you can compare with the confidence of knowing that our gas and electricity partner is fully accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code.

We compare all UK energy suppliers and - before you reach the results page - you'll be asked whether you want to see all the tariffs on the market, or all of the ones you can switch to through

In our results table you'll be able to easily switch between these two views, helping you make an educated decision with the confidence that you've considered the main options.

Most energy suppliers pay us a commission if you switch through us, but the prices will be the same if you went directly to the supplier (reflecting their own costs of advertising and service provision).

While shopping around for domestic energy has become increasingly commonplace, it's just as important for companies to compare their business gas and electricity needs, something which could have a big impact on their bottom line.How to make business energy savings can help your firm with an independent, impartial business utilities switching service that includes all energy companies and helps guide you through the process.

The procedure is simple and straightforward, and there'll be no disruption to your firm's energy supply.

Whatever your energy needs, we hope you give us a try. We're continually working to improve services across all products with the aim of connecting our customers to the right information, boosting knowledge and making their lives that little bit easier.

That could be within our quote journey, through our customer service, in our ever-expanding range of product guides, articles and videos, or by using our interactive tools and infographics.

Remember that we don't charge our customers for using our service and we're unbiased - we don't accept advertising or sponsored listings.

You can also rest assured that won't sell your data and won't add fees or commissions to the prices you compare.

We're the only price comparison site that has British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) membership, a fact that helps us keep up with the latest in best practice, and we're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.