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  • When do flight prices change?

    An airline will charge between five and 15 different prices for the same seat over the course of its shelf life. Advance prices will be lower, and as the flight fills up prices will increase. However, as the departure date looms airlines are likely to drop their prices dramatically in order to fill space - some money is better than no money, after all
    Rachel England, journalist
  • When's the best time to book a flight?

    There's a legend that exactly 21 days prior to departure is the best time to book for the cheapest deals, as it's at this point airlines will take stock of their empty seats and lower prices accordingly. It's also mid-week that airlines look at shifting remaining seats for upcoming flights, so wait until a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon before booking
    Rachel England, journalist
  • What time of day is it cheapest to fly?

    Flying late at night or very early morning will often mean routes are less crowded, but this can mean extended airport stays or arriving after or before hotel check-in. Airlines need to maintain a schedule during off peak times - try to make your weekend trip happen during the week and you'll get cheaper and quieter flights
    Jon Severs, journalist
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With the help of Skyscanner[1] you can compare flights to worldwide destinations in one search then book online - find the cheapest deal quickly.

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Did you know...?

  • If you check in on time but are prevented from boarding as the plane is full the airline must offer you financial compensation
  • If you're delayed for more than two hours the airline must offer you meals and refreshments, access to communications and hotel accommodation, if appropriate
  • If you're delayed for more than five hours the airline must offer you a full ticket refund
  • 17% of UK travellers think alcoholic drinks should be banned on planes[2]

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