Energy comparison

Compare energy tariffs with our preferred provider Runpath[1] and see if you could save

  • Compare 16 energy suppliers used by over 90% of UK households,[2] including the 'big six'
  • We get paid by the energy provider only when you switch through us
  • This helps us keep our energy comparison service free for customers


  • We're starting an energy market revolution!

    We're on a mission to save you time and money by helping you compare and switch in one smooth process. We'll automatically show you energy tariffs from suppliers who pay us a commission when you switch, but the price is exactly the same as going direct.
    Ben Wilson,'s energy expert
  • Why automatically showing all energy tariffs doesn't work

    If comparison tools have no choice but to offer a supplier's product, how can they negotiate a good deal with them? The energy supplier holds all the cards. This is a problem because if comparison tools can't negotiate a good deal with a supplier, then they can't pass them on to us as customers.
    Andrea Coscelli, Competition and Markets Authority
  • Switching energy suppliers getting quicker and easier

    The energy regulator and suppliers have ensured that customers are able to switch providers in three days and have pledged that one-day switching will be in place by the end of 2018 at the latest. Remember that there's a two-week cooling-off period to change your mind before the three-day switch kicks in.
    Abbie Laughton-Coles,'s energy editor
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How can we help you with energy today?

Gas and electricity are some of our biggest household expenses and can be some of the most complicated to manage, but we can help you find the right utilities supplier and tariff with ease.

You can compare the UK's smaller suppliers, giving you strong alternatives to the products offered by the 'big six' energy companies.

Should you choose to try our service we think you'll find our forms easy to use, but there'll be on-screen help to guide you through every step.

You'll get the most accurate quotes if you have a recent utilities bill to hand, but if that's not possible we can help you estimate your gas and electric usage easily.

Start by entering your postcode and email address, then choosing whether you want to compare just gas suppliers, just electric suppliers, or dual fuel.

Note that the latter is likely to be more convenient if you need both utilities, but it won't necessarily be the cheapest option.

Be ready for questions on what's your main source of heating, who your current supplier is, how you pay and whether you have Economy 7.

Did you know...?

  • Three-day switching is now in place; next-day switching is planned by 2018 at the latest
  • In 2014, 82% of householders didn't switch their energy provider, potentially missing out on cheaper gas and electric bills[3]

Our results page will show you a price comparison table with the name of the suppliers, estimated annual savings if you switch, annual costs, payment and tariff types and key product features.

We'll automatically show you all the tariffs you can switch to through, however the option to see all other tariffs is shown clearly on the results page and you can toggle easily between both views.

This is a decision that we believe will help to increase competition in the energy market and ultimately lower prices for customers everywhere. It will also discourage unsustainable deals, whereby suppliers aren't able to cope with high demand or rising wholesale energy prices.

You can also filter results by payment type and tariff type, meaning you can see fixed rate options, variable ('standard') tariffs and/or green choices.

When you find an option you like, click through for more detailed information on the product and company.

If you're happy to proceed and it's a tariff offered through our service, you can purchase online, where we provide on-going support through the process, and/or over the phone.

If you decide to switch to a tariff that's available through, we receive a small fee from the energy supplier once your cooling off period has ended. This fee helps us maintain our website, improve our services and invest in our people.

This fee isn't lumped onto your bill though - you'd get exactly the same price if you went direct. That's a promise.

After completing a short application form, there'll be a 14-day cooling off period, then your switch will be completed in three days.

Remember that you won't find collective energy deals or tariffs from your existing supplier on comparison websites, so always double check that you're definitely getting the best deal before taking the plunge and switching.

To find out more about your options read our guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions on utilities.

Our guides offer more information on key areas such as identifying your supplier, reading bills and meters, boiler and central heating cover, cooling-off periods, a checklist for moving home, money-saving tips, help with winter fuel bills and what to do in an emergency.

You can also find out more about small energy firms, tenants' rights when switching, green energy schemes, the midata initiative and renewable technology. You can get to grips with our jargon-buster, and learn about the history of the British gas industry.