Boxset Electricity CalculatorAre you an avid boxset binger, spending your free time glued to the screen watching hours and hours of seasons online? Ever wondered just how much money this habit might have cost you over the years?

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THE QUIZHow much of a TV addict are you?

We've carried out our research into some of the most popular shows currently available on some well-known streaming services to give you the chance to see just how much electricity your TV watching habits have cost you so far.

From the extensive list of 50 TV shows below, check off each of the programmes you've previously watched, as well as how many seasons you’ve seen so far.

The Boxset Electricity Calculator will then generate how many minutes you’ve spent watching your favourite shows, as well as how much this would’ve cost you in electricity had you watched it on a television, a laptop or a tablet.

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American Horror Story

Arrested Development

Bates Motel

Better Call Saul


Breaking Bad


Desperate Housewives



Gavin & Stacey

Gilmore Girls

Gossip Girl

Greys Anatomy



House of Cards

How I Met Your Mother

Lie to Me


Mad Men

Making a Murderer

Modern Family

Mr Robot

Once Upon a Time

Orange Is The New Black


Peep Show

Pretty Little Liars

Prison Break

Shameless (UK)

Shameless (USA)



Sons of Anarchy


The Big Bang Theory

The Killing US

The Mighty Boosh

The Office (UK)

The Originals

The Sopranos

The Thick of It

The Vampire Diaries

The Walking Dead

The Wire

The X Files

True Blood

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How we've worked this out

Using the average amount of electricity required to use a television, laptop and tablet, we've multiplied the average cost of a unit of electricity (13.86p/kWh, Energy Savings Trust) by the amount of minutes your viewing habits equate to in order to estimate the costs displayed above.

Sources: Energy Saving Trust, CSE & IMDB.