Gocompare Man CD

Gocompare.com's Gio Compario is back with his Greatest Hits

Wow! That’s What I Call Comparison! features 18 tracks from the career beyond compare, including every song from the Gocompare.com adverts and an exclusive remix.

All the hits in one great album

Since exploding onto the scene in 2008, the TV and YouTube sensation has fast become the UK’s most famous and beloved tenor.

Whether you’re at home, in work or in the car, the nation agrees that the sultry tones of Gio Compario makes the perfect soundtrack.

Simply put, if you like the Gocompare.com adverts, then you’ll love Wow! That’s What I Call Comparison! - 24 million YouTube views can’t be wrong!

The album features classics such as Coffee Shop, Egyptian and Alien, along with recent releases such as Cabbie, Bridesmaids and the smash hit; Comeback. It’s ‘fantastic’!

Also features an exclusive, never before heard dance remix

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