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Holidays in Egypt

Planning a getaway to Egypt? Read on for our tips on how to get the best holiday for you.

Key points

  • Egypt is home to the Great Pyramids - the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Luxor boasts such sights as the Karnak Temple Complex and the legendary Valley of the Kings
  • Hurghada is famous for its nightlife, with a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs

With a rich cultural history, hot climate and spectacular sights, Egypt is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.  

Whether you're looking to soak up the sun or the culture, holidays in Egypt are both a luxurious escape and a window to ancient civilizations.

Holidays to Egypt 

Egypt has more tourist attractions than Cleopatra had pearls, including some of the most unique historical attractions on the globe: from the Great Temple of Ramses II, and the Valley of the Kings, to the Great Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids. 

What's more, Egypt boasts hot summers and mild winters, with sun a constant throughout, making it the perfect escape from the dull greys of the British skyline. 

Booking your holiday to Egypt 

Your mind is set on Egypt - now what? 

Like most exotic locations, holidays to Egypt can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, travelling around sightseeing, getting active, or chilling out at the poolside. 

Before booking, it's worth considering which type of holiday you want to go on, and comparing your choices to make sure you've bagged the right holiday at the right price.