Gocompare.com's holiday deposit offer

Gocompare.com and our travel provider weholiday.co.uk[1] are pleased to bring you our deposit offer, helping you spread the cost of a holiday over a period that suits you (T&Cs apply).Holiday gear

How does it work?

If you book a flight and hotel together using Gocompare.com during the offer period, you'll have the option to pay a flexible deposit that could be as little as £1 for the accommodation (you can pay more if you want).

Please note, if you choose to pay with a credit card, a credit card fee will apply.

So, let's say you book your annual August family holiday in January… you pay in full for the flights at the time of booking, but you'll only have to put down a £1 deposit for the accommodation for you and your family.

The full cost of the accommodation won't have to be cleared until nearer the time you travel.

Is anyone excluded from the offer?

If your travel date is under eight calendar weeks away you won't be able to take advantage of the offer. The offer doesn't apply to accommodation rates listed as non-refundable, and not all of weholiday.co.uk's suppliers are offering the low-deposit option.

Why do I have to pay the flight in full?

The flight must be paid for at the time of booking in order to secure the booking with the airline and ensure your tickets are issued at the time of booking.

What are the benefits of the offer?

The obvious benefit is that you won't have to pay out the full cost of the holiday in one go. This will allow you to save up for the rest… or to keep your cash in your savings until closer to the travel date.

What should I watch out for?

Make sure you've budgeted properly and that you're not over-stretching yourself financially. Remember, if you don't pay the remainder of the balance, you'll lose what you've paid for the flight as well as the deposit.

You'll also need to make sure you remember when you need to clear the balance by. You'll be given plenty of reminders (see below), but get it in your diary!Sun loungers

Can I pay more than £1 deposit?

Yes - you can pay a deposit of anything from £1 up to the full cost of the holiday.

Do I have to clear the balance in one go?

No - after paying your deposit you can pay the balance in as many instalments as you like. Just make sure full payment has been received by the payment deadline.

How will I be reminded about the deadline?

Our partner, weholiday.co.uk, will take your email and phone details at booking and will attempt to contact you using both methods before the payment date.

An email confirmation will be sent once you've booked which will confirm your booking and when the balance is due.

You'll then receive another email seven days before the balance is due and another reminder one day before, unless the balance has been paid by that time.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

If you miss your payment deadline, weholiday.co.uk will send an automated email advising that you have not yet paid, and that non-payment will result in cancellation. You will also receive a call from weholiday.co.uk to confirm whether you wish to make the payment or cancel the booking.

If you still haven't cleared the balance by this time and haven't responded to attempts to contact you, you'll lose your deposit, forfeit your flights, and cancellation fees will apply (see below).Travel suitcases

When do I have to book by?

The offer is available to bookings made via the Gocompare.com holiday website between 23 December, 2015, and 23:59 GMT on 29 February, 2016, subject to availability and supplier participation.

I've booked - is there anything else I need to think about?

Now you've booked your holiday, don't forget about your travel insurance. Making sure you have the right cover in place as soon as you book means you can have peace of mind should anything happen either before or while you're on your holiday. Find out more about getting the right travel insurance policy in our travel insurance guides.


Full terms and conditions

Where your travel dates are 35 days or more after you book, weholiday.co.uk may offer you the facility to pay a deposit (minimum £1) towards your accommodation costs with the balance due at an agreed later date, subject to supplier participation.

There are deposit restrictions on each individual element of any holiday booked and you will be required to pay the full cost of any transfers booked along with the full cost of any flights. Subject to availability, and in line with seasonal marketing campaigns, the option of a '£1 deposit' to secure the hotel element of your booking, may be made available to you when booking a flight and hotel together in one booking transaction. Deposits are not applicable when booked against a non-refundable room type. Non-refundable rooms will be advised to you at the time of making your booking online or by one of WeHoliday.co.uk's sales advisors when booking over the phone.European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The balance payment of your holiday is required at least 28 days prior to your departure date, depending on the supplier, and the deadline will be advised to you at the time of booking. Failure to pay on time will lead to cancellation of your holiday without further notice and loss of any money paid.

Deposit payments are non-refundable in the event of client cancellation or cancellation by weholiday.co.uk due to non- payment of balance. A cancellation fee of £35 will apply for all bookings cancelled prior to travel date. This cancellation fee will be in addition to any cancellation charges made by individual suppliers or airlines.

Any permitted amendments to a holiday booking may also be subject to charges and fees, depending on the individual supplier, details of which will be included in the booking contract.

The terms and conditions of this offer are subject to the general weholiday.co.uk booking terms and conditions, full details of which can be found here (https://travel.gocompare.com/pages/terms). Available holidays are organised by independent suppliers and airlines, and your contract will be with the owner or operator of the accommodation you have booked and the airline with whom you will be flying.