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  • We help you choose the right location, date, type of accommodation and room
  • Compare hotel choices by type of board, star rating, location, amenities and price
  • Use our photo galleries and street-level-view map to get a real feel for the place


  • When can I get the cheapest hotel deals?

    According to travel website, the cheapest time to book a hotel room is the day before you arrive, for which you'll clearly need nerves of steel, or lady luck on your side as many sought-after resorts and hotels will have much-reduced availability by then. If you're travelling off-peak or mid-week, it's worth a punt...
    Rachel England, journalist
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Comparing cheap hotel deals is a cinch

Can't afford to blow your whole holiday budget on a hotel? Fear not - we've got just the ticket!

All it takes is a quick search to compare hotels - or hotel and flight combinations - with the help of[1]. You're in good hands - they've got ABTA and ATOL membership.

Just choose a destination that tickles your fancy, book online and start packing. Sorted.

Which type of hotel should you choose?

Whether you're looking for a place to rest your head or somewhere to lounge on lazy days, finding the perfect hotel for you is pretty easy.

Top travel tip

Get travel insurance as soon as you book your trip - over half of holidaymakers miss out on cancellation cover by leaving it until the last minute![2]

You'll need to decide whether you want:

  • A budget hotel - basic and comfortable
  • A hotel chain - consistent and familiar
  • An independent hotel - personal and friendly
  • Or a boutique hotel - intimate and luxurious

Once you've worked out exactly what you want, it'll be quicker to compare hotel prices to find an option which is value for money at your chosen destination.

It's also worth checking out the hotel's amenities, the location on a map and taking a gander at any photos, so you know exactly what to expect.

Different hotel board types

Constantly arguing about where to eat?

To avoid any holiday rows - we know, we've all been there - choose a board type that'll suit your break away and budget.

You can choose between:

  • Room only - rather self-explanatory
  • B&B - just breakfast 
  • Half-board - a little more - breakfast and dinner
  • Or all inclusive - food, drinks, the lot. But - and this is a big but - your drinks will probably be from a limited menu. No gold infused vodka for you.

Help me out

If you need a nudge in the right direction, feel free to browse through our handy guides. We've got a load of stuff to help you out, including information on the different room options and star ratings, as well as guidance on packing.

There's also plenty of useful money-saving tips including how to make cheap phone calls when you're abroad, as well as when to book your hotel and information on cancellations.

Top tips for your trip

  • Time your break wisely - if your holiday clashes with a big music or sports event, it'll bump prices up
  • Being pretty flexible with your dates will give you a better chance of finding a great price
  • Some hotels will charge if you cancel at short notice, so check the cancellation policy before you book
  • The hotel star rating system only applies to the UK but searching on sites like TripAdvisor will let you read reviews

Bon voyage!

Whether you're off on a family holiday (good luck!) or a nice romantic break (wit woo!), see if you could save a bit of cash on your hotel today.