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  • Do I need life insurance?

    Life assurance isn't just for middle-aged business owners with large families and heart conditions. As soon as you have any shared financial commitments or dependants, there are people relying on you and your salary… it's time to consider a policy
    Felicity Hannah, journalist
  • How much will a life insurance premium cost?

    In the current competitive market, you can buy a policy for as little as £10 a month. Even for older customers, a new policy doesn't necessarily mean sky-high premiums - prices have come down in recent years and it's worth shopping around to see if you can find a competitive quote
    Jeremy Cryer,
  • How much cover do I need?

    Consider how much is needed to clear your mortgage and repay any loans or debts. You also need to factor in funeral costs. Then, work out how big a lump sum you'd want the policy to pay out
    Felicity Hannah, journalist
  • Should I change an existing policy?

    Periodically review your cover to take into account changes in your personal circumstances - if you change jobs, buy a new home, get married or have children, for example. Consumers could also be missing out on opportunities to lower their premiums if they give up smoking or a dangerous sport
    Jeremy Cryer,
  • Does smoking affect my premium?

    According to LifeSearch, premiums are around 50% cheaper for non-smokers. Bear in mind that insurers only class you as a non-smoker if you've been cigarette free for 12 months or more
    Felicity Hannah, journalist
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How can we help you with life insurance today?

Buying life insurance can seem a daunting proposition, but our partners LifeSearch can give you free, impartial, expert advice, while help make comparing and purchasing the right policy online a straightforward task.[1]

You may want to speak to an adviser as your first step, and you can either call 0844 409 9713¥ or - to save your phone bill - request a call back by filling in a simple form online with your contact details and the time you'd prefer to chat.

If you're ready to get a life insurance quote, we offer options for all ages from 18-80.

Click through to our simple-to-use form, and you'll be asked whether you want the policy to cover death, death or an earlier critical illness, or critical illnesses only.

You can also choose level term life insurance - where the cover amount is fixed for the policy duration - or decreasing term, where the cover amount decreases over time with a repayment mortgage.

Did you know...?

  • 1.5 million households may not have enough cover to pay off their mortgage if either partner died[2]
  • 18% of UK citizens wrongly believe that if they die their credit card debts die with them[2]
  • Some insurers will review and perhaps lower your premium if you stop smoking[2]

There's a life insurance calculator to help you decide how much cover you need, you'll be asked how long you want the policy to run for, your basic personal details, and whether you smoke.

At the bottom of the page there are links to the document library and FAQs for more information.

Alternatively, you can follow the link above to shop for over 50s lifelong protection with guaranteed acceptance for those aged 50-80.

To find out more about the options take a look at our guides, where you'll also find the answers to more frequently asked questions.

You can read our beginners' guide and learn about the terminology, such as life assurance.

There's also more in-depth information on products such as term insurance, whole of life insurance, critical illness cover, funeral cover and payment protection, with guidance on whether you need a policy, if employee benefits are sufficient, how much cover you need, the way that quotes are calculated, exclusions, how health issues affect premiums and how you can keep costs down.