Mortgage protection insurance

Compare income protection policies to protect your mortgage with our preferred provider, ActiveQuote[1]

  • Provides peace of mind that your mortgage payments are covered if you're unable to work
  • Cover up to £3,000 a month to protect your mortgage payments, bills and council tax
  • Tailor your policy online to find the right cover to meet your budget and needs


  • Why use for your money products?

    By their very nature financial products are complex and the prospect of reviewing your money matters can be quite daunting. But our research shows comparison sites are helping people become more money conscious and feel more empowered when making financial decisions
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How can we help you with mortgage protection insurance today?

We've partnered with ActiveQuote[1] to help you compare quotes on income protection insurance to cover your mortgage payments.

ActiveQuote also offers free, independent advice from its team of product specialists.

Income protection insurance can cover your mortgage repayments in full, so long as they do not exceed 65% of your gross annual salary.

When comparing, simply choose how long you'd like your policy term to be and how much you'd like the policy to pay you each month.

Most income protection plans which are designed to cover your mortgage will pay you for up to 12 months or until you return to work, whichever is the sooner, although longer-term options are available.

To qualify for a policy, most insurers will require you to work at least 16 hours a week on a permanent basis

You can also compare quotes that insure more than just your mortgage repayments, allowing you to include cover for your bills and to maintain your lifestyle if you're unable to work.

The quote results table lets you tailor your policy so you can find an income protection plan suited to your budget and needs.

You can review each policy in detail and our easy-to-use table will show you the monthly benefit, policy term, benefit term and waiting period for each policy.

Remember it's essential that you supply accurate information about your age, address and employment - failure to do so would mean you'd be unlikely to get an appropriate quote and, in the event of a claim, your policy may be invalid.

Did you know...?

  • The cost of a typical house has been estimated at £429,000 over a 50-year period, including buying, upkeep and other assorted spending requirements[2]
  • Homeowners could save as much as £194,000 over renters in the course of a 50-year period[2]

To qualify for a policy, most insurers will require you to work at least 16 hours a week on a permanent basis.

Subject to your circumstances, you'll either have the opportunity to purchase online or be given a number to speak to the insurance provider about your chosen product.

For further information you can talk to one of ActiveQuote's team of product specialists for free, impartial advice that can help you find the right policy suited to your budget and needs.

If you'd like to do your own research before making a decision, you could try our income protection insurance guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

There you'll get more guidance on how to decide if you need mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI).

Read more about the cover options, choices if you're self-employed or in non-standard employment, excesses, typical exclusions and other things to look out for.