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Our guides gives you the facts so you can make an informed choice when you compare mortgage products and providers.

Beginners' guide to mortgages

Learn more about the basics of mortgages, including the different products available, the fees involved, repayment and insurance options.

Beginners' guide to mortgages »

Buy-to-let mortgages

A buy-to-let deal could be for you if you're planning to invest, to remortgage an investment property, or to let out a house you can't sell.

Buy-to-let mortgages »

Early repayment charges on mortgages

Think carefully about early repayment charges if you're looking for a new mortgage, remortgaging or planning to overpay on your current deal.

Early repayment charges on mortgages »

Equity release mortgages

Equity release mortgages can unlock some of the value in your home, but you need to think carefully about fees and the long-term implications. Find out more…

Equity release mortgages »

Fee-free mortgages

Compare fee-free mortgages, speak to an expert adviser and read more about the pros and cons of fee-free deals against alternative options.

Fee-free mortgages »

First-time buyer mortgages

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting moments in your adult life, but it can also be daunting. Here's what you need to know...

First-time buyer mortgages »

Fixed-rate mortgages

Compare fixed-rate mortgages for two years, five years and other terms, with the chance to speak to a fee-free adviser to decide if it's the right deal for you.

Fixed-rate mortgages »

Frequently asked questions on mortgages

Get the answers to FAQs, then compare rates to find the right deal for you.

Frequently asked questions on mortgages »

Joint mortgages

Compare joint mortgages for two to four borrowers and speak to an adviser to find the right fixed or variable rate for you.

Joint mortgages »

Gifted deposits

More and more aspiring first-time buyers are relying on gifted deposits to get a mortgage, but giving cash to buy a home carries implications.

Gifted deposits »

Guarantor mortgages

A guarantor mortgage could help if you're struggling to buy a home or move. Speak to a fee-free adviser or read our guide to find out more.

Guarantor mortgages »

Help to Buy scheme

The government's Help to Buy scheme offers equity loans and mortgage guarantee options - can it aid you in purchasing your dream house?

Help to Buy scheme »

How parents can help children buy a home

From gifting a deposit to offsetting savings, there are many ways for parents to help children or grandchildren get a mortgage and step on the property ladder.

How parents can help children buy a home »

How to cut the cost of a mortgage

Use our top mortgage and remortgage money-saving tips to find the right deal and cut the cost of your repayments.

How to cut the cost of a mortgage »

How to save a mortgage deposit

Saving a deposit for a mortgage can be the biggest hurdle to buying a home, so see if our top tips can help you speed up the process.

How to save a mortgage deposit »

Interest-only mortgages

Compare interest-only mortgages and find out about acceptance criteria, repayment strategies and how to remortgage from interest-only to repayment.

Interest-only mortgages »

Low-deposit mortgages

Some mortgages require as little as 5% deposit (95% mortgages), but there's plenty to consider before buying a house with a deposit of 10% (a 90% mortgage) or less.

Low-deposit mortgages »

Mortgages and insurance

Taking out a mortgage is a huge financial commitment - what are the related insurance products you should be thinking about?

Mortgages and insurance »

Mortgage affordability and credit scoring

Find out more about mortgage affordability rules and the questions a lender may ask you to determine whether you can afford a mortgage.

Mortgage affordability and credit scoring »

Mortgage fees and costs

Find out more about the different fees and costs you may have to pay when buying a home, from arranging a mortgage to conveyancing.

Mortgage fees and costs »

Mortgages for buying at auction

You could get a property bargain by buying at auction. Find out more about auction timescales and the potential problems with auction properties.

Mortgages for buying at auction »

Mortgages for flats

Compare mortgages for flats, including leasehold and share of freehold apartments, with the chance to speak to an expert, fee-free adviser.

Mortgages for flats »

Mortgages for new-build homes

New build homes can be an attractive option with incentives from the builder, but you could find your choice of mortgages more restricted than with older houses.

Mortgages for new-build homes »

Mortgages for people with bad credit

Past credit problems like County Court Judgements, bankruptcy and missed bill payments can make it much harder to get a mortgage but paying attention to your credit records before you apply can help.

Mortgages for people with bad credit »

Mortgages for the self-employed

Getting a mortgage can be a challenge if you're self-employed as you'll have to prove your income. Find out more about how to prepare and what lenders will consider.

Mortgages for the self-employed »

Mortgage initial rates, follow-on rates and the APRC

Find out how to compare mortgage deals, taking into account the initial rate, follow-on rate, APRC and fees.

Mortgage initial rates, follow-on rates and the APRC »

Mortgages of 30 years or longer

Longer-term mortgages can make your monthly repayments more affordable, but you need to consider how they could cost you a lot more over the lifetime of the loan.

Mortgages of 30 years or longer »

Next-time buyer mortgages

On the property ladder and looking to move up? Second- or third-time buyer? We can help you find the right next-time deal.

Next-time buyer mortgages »

Offset mortgages

An offset account can link mortgage debt to savings and current account balances, offering the potential of significant benefits if managed in the right way.

Offset mortgages »

100% mortgages

What do you do if you could afford a loan for a house but don't have any savings? find out about buying a house without a deposit.

100% mortgages »


When your existing deal ends, subject to your personal circumstances you can choose to move to a new lender or even remortgage with the same provider.

Remortgages »

Remortgaging to buy a rental property

Could you remortgage your house to purchase a buy-to-let property, or to fund the deposit for such a rental home?

Remortgaging to buy a rental property »

Right to Buy mortgages

Compare Right to Buy mortgages from across the UK market and get fee-free advice on using your discount as a deposit.

Right to Buy mortgages »

Second charge mortgages

Find out more about the advantages and risks of a second mortgage - a secured loan which can be an alternative to remortgaging.

Second charge mortgages »

Self-build mortgages

If you're up for the challenge of creating your dream home from scratch then a conventional house loan simply isn't suitable. You'll need a specialist self-build deal. So what do you need to know?

Self-build mortgages »

Shared ownership schemes

Shared ownership schemes could offer a step onto the property ladder for the cash-strapped.

Shared ownership schemes »

Variable-rate mortgages

Compare variable-rate mortgages, which often have the lowest interest rates and fees... but come with uncertainty over possible interest rate rises.

Variable-rate mortgages »

What to do if you're a mortgage prisoner

Mortgage prisoners are those who want to remortgage but who find themselves trapped in their current deal. Find out what you can do to improve equity and affordability and get out of this trap.

What to do if you're a mortgage prisoner »

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Borrowing money for a mortgage deposit

Borrowing money for a mortgage deposit can be a risky decision. Find out more about your options and the alternatives available if you're trying to get on the property ladder.

Borrowing money for a mortgage deposit »

Bridging loans

Bridging loans offer short-term finance for buying a property before your longer-term funding comes through. Find out about terms, rates and risks.

Bridging loans »

Building societies

Learn about building societies and other mutual societies, including members' rights and the advantages and disadvantages of using them for mortgages.

Building societies »

Challenger banks

Challenger banks are beginning to take market share from the traditional high street giants. Find out why they're different and what they offer...

Challenger banks »

Compound interest

Compound interest on your savings could help earn you extra, but on a loan, it can sink you further into debt. Find out why…

Compound interest »

Credit reports and ratings

A credit score can be crucial to your future, the rating affecting your major financial applications. Find out more about scores and compare credit reports.

Credit reports and ratings »

Credit unions

Credit unions are community co-operatives that can offer mortgages and other financial services.

Credit unions »

Ethical banking

Read more about ethical banking and finding current accounts, loans and other products that agree with your moral principles.

Ethical banking »


Is gazumping ever acceptable? Is it legal? And how does it all work? Find out more, and why having your mortgage in place could help prevent you being gazumped.

Gazumping »

Help to Buy Isas

Help to Buy Isas are a way for first-time buyers to save without tax for their home deposit and receive government assistance.

Help to Buy Isas »

Home improvement loans

A home improvement loan could be a good way to fund something like a new kitchen or an extension.

Home improvement loans »

How do I value my house?

Do you know how to value your house if you're arranging insurance or looking to sell? Find out more with our guide.

How do I value my house? »

How to buy a house

If you're buying a house, our one-stop guide could help you learn what you need about mortgages, surveys, conveyancing and much more.

How to buy a house »

How to find and choose a financial adviser

Do you need an independent financial adviser (IFA)? How do you find one? Could other financial guidance and advice serve your needs? Read more about the things to consider…

How to find and choose a financial adviser »

How to sell a house

If you're selling a house, our one-stop guide could help you learn what you need about sale prices, estate agents, viewings, surveys, conveyancing, contract exchange and more.

How to sell a house »

Insurance when moving house

Moving home is a stressful experience, so relieve some of the pressure by making sure your home contents is covered during the move.

Insurance when moving house »

Islamic banking and other religious bank accounts

Find out more about Islamic and other religious banking options which may help you base financial decisions on your ethics and beliefs.

Islamic banking and other religious bank accounts »

Lifetime Isas

A Lifetime Isa can help you save tax-free for your first home or retirement with the boost of a 25% government bonus.

Lifetime Isas »

Making a will

Our guide to making a will can help you with all aspects of writing a will, including how to approach it and whether you need professional advice.

Making a will »

Mortgage infographics

Get informed and entertained with's collection of mortgage infographics and interactives.

Mortgage infographics »

Mortgage life insurance

Mortgage life insurance is a product specifically designed to clear any remaining mortgage debt after the policyholder's death... find out more about the things you need to consider before committing to a policy.

Mortgage life insurance »

Mortgage payment protection insurance

Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) is a form of income protection designed to pay an amount equivalent to your monthly mortgage repayments should you be unable to work due to an accident, sickness or unemployment.

Mortgage payment protection insurance »

Property crowdfunding

Crowdfunding a property through a peer-to-peer site offers investors a low-cost entry into the buy-to-let market. Read more on the pros and cons…

Property crowdfunding »


Robo-advisers are seen as a technological solution to the problems associated with the high cost and lack of availability of financial advice. Find out more…

Robo-advisers »

Should you save or overpay your mortgage?

Is it better to save money or overpay a mortgage? Overpaying increases your equity and can mean paying less interest and reducing the term of your loan.

Should you save or overpay your mortgage? »

Soft search

When you search for a credit product it’s increasingly common to be offered a soft search (or ‘smart search’) facility. Find out what this means...

Soft search »

Stamp duty and the additional property surcharge

Stamp duty can be a costly part of buying a house and, since April 2016, property investors, accidental landlords and holiday home buyers have had extra stamp duty to pay. Find out more…

Stamp duty and the additional property surcharge »

Title indemnity insurance

If your house sale is being held up by problems with the planning permission or other legal issues, title indemnity insurance may allow the transaction to complete.

Title indemnity insurance »

What happens when you apply for credit?

Whenever you apply for credit, lenders make numerous checks behind the scenes. Find out why you may’ve been approved or declined and improve your chances.

What happens when you apply for credit? »

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