Scooter insurance

Scooter insurance

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  • Why are scooters and mopeds so popular?

    I'm seeing more and more people arriving at the station which I commute from on such rides. They're looking at what they need to get around, and if it's just for short round trips of 10 miles or so, they're thinking 'why not'?
    James Miller, technical manager at Lexham Insurance Consultants
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How can we help you with scooter and moped insurance today?

Our service makes it easy for you to find the right insurance for any type of moped or scooter, from 49cc to 125cc engine sizes.

We compare over 30 insurance brands and clearly present the policy options, prices and levels of cover.

A moped is classed as anything under 50cc, while a scooter is a specific style of motorbike, usually with a step-through frame and small wheels.

Such bikes can be a great option for young riders and many other people - they can be stylish, economical, speedy for commuting and urban travel, and more environmentally friendly than a lot of other vehicles, some capable of achieving fuel efficiency figures of much more than 100mpg.

Bear in mind that mopeds for 16-year-olds are limited to 30mph and cannot be taken on motorways.

To get a moped or scooter insurance quote, follow the links and complete our straightforward forms with the basic personal information of the rider(s), the details of the bike to be covered, and the type of use it will be put to.

Did you know...?

  • If you can keep your bike indoors overnight you could save on your premium
  • Phil Daniels' character Jimmy Cooper rides a Lambretta in the cult film Quadrophenia
  • Tour de France and Olympic legend Bradley Wiggins is a mod culture enthusiast

Have to hand the number plate (if known), your annual mileage, how many years no claims bonus you have, and details of any convictions and/or accidents in the last five years.

You'll have the opportunity to inform potential insurers of any riding qualifications you have to your name, of your riding history, if you belong to a motorbike organisation, and whether you're also a car owner.

The final form requires details of the motorcycle itself - areas such as security, value and if your ride has been modified.

When your quotes are presented you'll be able to make an informed comparison based on price and excess levels, plus whether the policy includes things like helmet and leather cover, breakdown insurance, legal assistance and personal accident cover.

You can find out more about such areas in our frequently asked questions on scooter and moped insurance and our motorbike insurance guides. Learn about types of policy, add-ons, riding other bikes, pillion cover, motorway use and riding gear.

There's also more information on the differences between mopeds and scooters, the Compulsory Basic Training course (CBT), regulations regarding 16-year-olds and what bike to choose, plus tips for getting cheap bike insurance.