Payment protection insurance (PPI)

Compare income protection quotes from leading UK providers through our partner, ActiveQuote[1]

  • Cover your monthly credit or loan payments if you're unable to work
  • Protect your financial commitments against accident, sickness and unemployment
  • Tailor your policy online to get the cover that suits your budget and needs


  • Why use for your money products?

    By their very nature financial products are complex and the prospect of reviewing your money matters can be quite daunting. But our research shows comparison sites are helping people become more money conscious and feel more empowered when making financial decisions
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How can we help you with payment protection insurance today?

With the help of ActiveQuote[1] you can compare income protection insurance quotes that could offer cover for your outgoing payments in one quick and easy search.

Find the right policy from a panel of leading UK insurers, and take advantage of offline support from ActiveQuote's team of specialists who can offer free, impartial advice.

You can take out an income protection policy to cover your financial commitments in the event you're unable to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment.

Typical financial commitments people want to cover include vehicle, loan or credit card repayments.

To get accurate quotes, enter your basic details and requirements such as how much you would want your policy to pay in the event of a successful claim, your employment history, your gross annual salary, your occupation, how many hours you work, and whether you work on a temporary or permanent basis.

Did you know...?

  • In April 2013 the UK credit card debt was approximately £55.3bn and the average standard interest rate being charged on them was 17.46%[2]

Note that inaccuracies may invalidate any claims in the future.

Once you've answered these simple questions you can compare quotes on our results page.

This will display all the policies we have available for you, and our filtering options are designed to help you find the right product at the right price.

You can review each policy in detail, plus background information on each of the insurers.

Subject to your circumstances, you'll either have the opportunity to purchase online or be given a number to speak to the insurance provider about your chosen product.

For further information you can talk to one of ActiveQuote's team of product specialists for free, impartial advice that can help you find the right policy suited to your budget and needs.

If you'd prefer to do your own research, you could try our income protection guides and our frequently asked questions on payment protection insurance.

You'll find the answers to questions such as what is PPI and what cover options are available, plus guidance on how to choose the right product for your needs, and the exclusions and other factors you should look out for.