Dog and cat insurance

Dog and cat insurance

  • Compare cheap pet insurance quotes for the right cover
  • Choose from multiple insurance brands

Insurance for other pets

Insurance for other pets

  • ExoticDirect[1] are our preferred provider for other pets
  • Cover for birds, reptiles, mammals and more...

Our trusted pet insurance brands

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  • Pets at home
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  • John Lewis Insurance
  • Saga
  • Paws & Claws pet insurance
  • Struggling to understand pet insurance?

    There are simple steps to follow to get the right pet insurance. Decide on one of the four main options - accident only, time-limited, maximum benefit, or lifetime - then check policy details, paying particular attention to vet fees. You'll get on-screen help in our quotes process, or read our guides for more in-depth information
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How can we help you with pet insurance today?

See if you could save money and time by comparing multiple pet insurance brands with one quick and easy search.

Tell us your pet's breed, age, gender, medical and behavioural history, and we'll help you find the right insurance policy.

If you're looking for cover for a dog or cat, follow the appropriate link at the top of this page to take you into our easy-to-use quotes service.

There you'll be asked basic personal information, plus details of your animal, where it's kept, its purchase price, whether it's been microchipped or tagged and the date you'd like the policy to start.

You'll also be asked about your animal's health, if it has any pre-existing medical conditions, whether it's been neutered or spayed, and if its vaccinations are up to date - insurers may take all such factors into consideration when calculating quotes.

There's a declaration form to tick off with details of your pet's behaviour, if it's kept at a venue that serves alcohol, whether it's taken to work or is used as a guard dog, and if it's used for track racing, coursing or breeding.

Did you know...?

  • 86% of owners consider pets to be part of the family[2]
  • Only 56% of owners take out insurance for their animals[2]

On our results page the options will present the name of the insurer, annual price, monthly premium, excess levels and whether these are supplemented by co-insurance (where you pay a part of the remaining vet fee after excesses).

You'll be able to see which of the four categories of pet insurance the policy falls under - accident only, time-limited, maximum benefit or lifetime.

There'll also be information on the level of veterinary fee cover and whether boarding fees, death by accident, death by illness, lost cover and stolen cover are part of the deal.

When you see an option you like, you can click through for extra information and star ratings on the policy from independent financial researcher Defaqto, with the option to proceed to buy online and/or on the phone.

Should you require insurance for an animal other than a cat or dog, try the link above to ExoticDirect,[1] our preferred provider for other animals.

It has policies available for birds (including parrots and birds of prey), small and large mammals (including rabbits, chinchillas and ferrets) and reptiles (including turtles, tortoises, lizards and snakes).

Find out more about the different types of policies in our guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Our guides offer more information on key areas such as vet fees, cover for older pets, third party liability, co-insurance, dental cover, kennel and cattery fees, previous medical conditions, foreign and holiday cover, pedigree breeds, accidental damage, alternative therapies, cremation costs, excesses and missing pet cover.

You'll find dedicated pages for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, plus pages on particular animals such as snakes, rabbits and tortoises.

There's also plenty to read on subjects like buying and owning pets, travelling with them, microchipping, vaccinations, and great small animals for young kids, plus lots of money-saving tips.