Short term motor insurance

Short term motor insurance

With dayinsure[1] you can get a quote for temporary insurance for a car, van or motorhome

  • Policies available to cover anything from a single day up to 28 days driving
  • Cover for motorists aged 19-75, subject to conditions 
  • Benefits include no claims bonus (NCB) protection and cover for driving in the EU


  • How do I get insurance cover when I buy a new car?

    If you haven't had time to shop around for the best policy, there's always the option of short term motor insurance, which can cover you from one-to-28 days. This can also be used for a test-drive scenario if your policy doesn't offer you cover for driving other people's vehicles (DoC)
    Daniel Bevis, car-buying expert
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How can we help you with short term motor insurance today?

If you're aged 19-75, our partners dayinsure[1] can help you find the right temporary motor insurance to cover your vehicle for between one and 28 days.

You can get short-term insurance cover for cars, vans and motorhomes with your no claims bonus protected, and - if you need it - there's the option to add cover to insure the vehicle in Europe.

If you click through to dayinsure's simple-to-use form, you'll be asked about the type of vehicle you want to cover and its registration number.

You'll also need to enter basic personal and contact details, and name the country that issued your driving licence.

There's then the opportunity to purchase some of the most popular cover options, either with or without breakdown cover.

Did you know...?

  • You may not be covered for a test drive of a car if your regular insurance policy does not include driving other vehicles
  • Short-term cover can be a good solution for getting a newly purchased vehicle home
  • Temporary insurance cannot be used to tax a vehicle

If none of the choices suit, tailor the policy by entering the exact date and time when you want cover to start and the number of days you require insurance for.

You'll also see details of the policy excess, and there's the option to pay extra for European cover and/or to have the product documentation sent to you in the post.

When you've made your choices you'll be presented with the assumptions upon which the policy is based and will have a final opportunity to review the details before proceeding to payment and the online documents.

If you need to learn more about short term vehicle insurance before making your choice, try our guides where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Read more about how temporary motor cover works, the circumstances in which you might need it, what vehicles can be covered, plus any limits on the insurance and the exclusions that you should look out for.