Unoccupied property insurance

With Towergate Insurance[1] you can get buildings and contents insurance for an unoccupied property

  • Policies available for second homes and properties awaiting probate, sale or refurbishment
  • Cover for theft and damage, including water damage and subsidence
  • Total value contents can range from £1,000 to £15,000 with no single item limit


  • Increasing security can reduce premiums

    Unoccupied property insurance is likely to specify a minimum standard of security on window and door locks. You may be able to reduce premiums by measures such as going beyond those minimum standards, or installing a burglar alarm
    Sean Davies,
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How can we help you with unoccupied property insurance today?

Get buildings or buildings and contents insurance quotes for unoccupied property, including houses awaiting sale, probate or refurbishment, plus second homes.

There's no single item contents limit and cover is available for water damage, subsidence, theft and damage.

Note that if your property is unoccupied for a short period - perhaps up to around two months - you may be able to obtain appropriate cover through our regular home insurance comparison service.

You'll be asked if your property is left unoccupied and - if so - whether that's for under 30 days, 30-45 days, or over 45 days.

Ensure you answer accurately, but note that the longer the property is left unoccupied, the smaller your choice of insurers will be, and the more your premium will be likely to cost.

If you can't find a suitable quote or you need unoccupied cover for a longer period, just click the 'Get Quotes' button at the top of this page and you'll be taken to Towergate Insurance,[1] our preferred provider for unoccupied property insurance.

There you'll find more information on the type of insurance you've selected before being invited into the simple-to-use quotes process.

Did you know...?

  • Policies are designed to provide cover on a temporary basis for properties left vacant for 30 days or more
  • Increasing security measures could bring down premium prices
  • Weather accounts for the largest percentage of home insurance claims in the UK

You'll be asked for information on who the policy's for and on the property that's to be covered, and whether you require just buildings insurance or buildings and contents cover.

On the quotes page you'll be presented with different levels of cover options, plus choices on the length of the policy and on whether to add legal expenses cover.

To find out more about the key areas you need to consider, read our unoccupied home insurance guides, including our frequently asked questions on the subject.

You'll get information on such things as when you might need to consider unoccupied property policies, the factors affecting the calculations of premiums and the main exclusions you need to look out for.