Student insurance

Protect your possessions in your house, flat, shared accommodation or halls of residence[1]

  • Do I need student insurance?

    Student accommodation is targeted by thieves because rooms can be crammed full of high-tech goodies and there are periods of time when they are left unoccupied. Have a good look at what cover is already available to you and compare it with policies specifically designed for students
    Mark Greening, head of home insurance
  • Do I need student contents insurance?

    The average student bedroom contains a wealth of belongings including clothes, a phone, a laptop, books, a bike, musical equipment, TV and more. Add up the cost of these belongings and it soon becomes clear that contents insurance is a necessity
  • Does my parents' insurance cover me as a student?

    For many families, it may well be possible to provide cover for a child at university under an existing home insurance policy. It is well worth checking the cover available as it can mean you avoid doubling-up on cover. However, it is important that you check the policy terms and the exclusions
    Mark Greening, head of home insurance
  • Golden rules of student finance

    There are three golden rules to student financial survival: maximise your income, minimise your outgoings, and budget carefully to make sure the right one stays bigger... There's an extra rule, too, in case you find yourself in difficulty: get help
    Johnny Rich, founder of the Push Guide to UK Universities
  • Considering a part-time job?

    As a student, I replied to an advert promising me £££s in my spare time and became a 'jumper outer' on one of Edinburgh's ghost walks. Once an hour I screamed at some tourists, the rest of the time I sat in the stairwell and studied. If you can find an opportunity that works around your circumstances, don't be shy about seizing it
    Felicity Hannah, journalist
  • Thinking of backpacking?

    Make sure the travel insurance policy you buy covers the duration of the time you're away, and if you're thinking of undertaking any riskier activities like bungee jumping or kayaking, ensure that your policy covers that, too. Many backpacking policies include this as standard, but you may also want to check winter sports like skiing and snowboarding
    Kristian Dando,
  • Want to go to a festival on the cheap?

    Consider working or volunteering. Oxfam runs a stewarding program at events like Bestival, Reading, Leeds, Glastonbury and Womad, giving volunteers entry, food, camping and showers in exchange for providing revellers with help and information. You could also try getting media accreditation if you're able to write for a publication, website or blog
    Kristian Dando,
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Why choose's student insurance service? has partnered with the UK's leading student insurance provider, Endsleigh, to help you find the right cover for your needs.

Endsleigh are the only insurance provider recommended by the National Union of Students (NUS) and have huge experience in providing cover for people in higher education.

The average student has belongings worth £1,748,[2] meaning that student contents insurance offering cover against damage, theft and loss can be a sensible choice.

You may want to consider additional options, such as cover for a bicycle or musical instrument, or 24-hour replacement options for laptops and mobile phones.

Endsleigh's simple-to-use form will ask for your basic personal details, home address, where you are studying and your term-time address, before presenting your options and details of the available policies.

Did you know...?

  • 31% of UK students take away belongings values between £2,000 and £5,000+[2]
  • One in 20 UK students fall victim to theft[2]
  • Just 34% of UK students take out insurance[2]

You can find out more about the key considerations to take into account in our student insurance guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Our guides offer more information on areas such as the pros and cons of a dedicated student policy against relying on your family's home insurance or the cover provided by your college accommodation, new-for-old policies, out-of-term cover, plus tips on how to keep your belongings safe.

You can also read our pages on student car insurance and student finance, plus other content that might be appropriate for all aspects of your college years, including banking, broadband, travel and partying.

International students' medical insurance

Endsleigh's international students' medical service offers cover for:

  • Medical costs which are not covered by the NHS
  • Cutting short, cancelling or repeating your course due to accident, illness or sickness
  • The cost of bringing a relative to the UK to visit you following a medical emergency
  • Legal liability cover to pay damages should you accidentally injure someone or damage their property