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Student insurance

Student halls of residence

Our preferred student insurer is Endsleigh[1]

  • Contents and gadget cover

Tenants' insurance

Student contents insurance

Insurance in private rented accommodation

  • Compare contents quotes
  • What are the student insurance options?

    Students, if there’s a laptop, phone, heap of textbooks and a bit of cash to your name, don’t take risks with them - life quickly grinds to a halt when the essentials go walkabout or break. The right student contents insurance will have your back, but if you want to study the facts before committing, read the tips and guides in GoCompare’s 'library'
    Amanda Bathory, insurance editor at GoCompare
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Fair cover for students and their stuff

Student living arrangements can be somewhat unique, so let us help you find the insurance option that's suited to your situation...

Need more information?

However, dedicated student policies help squash pricey nonsense and give you just as much protection as the policy at your parent’s place.

So, GoCompare has partnered with the UK's leading student insurance provider Endsleigh, to stick up for student’s interests and get cover at a fair price.[1]

If you need more convincing, the National Union of Students (NUS) recommends putting Endsleigh in your corner, and they know a thing or two about saving money for students.

Money's tight - is insurance worth it?

Whether you’re an undergrad, post grad, doctor or master of your subject, don’t underestimate the value of the kit in your dorm.

According to Endsleigh, each student’s possessions are worth £3,375,[4] on average, and that doesn’t include the cash in your pocket day-to-day - imagine replacing all of that in one go without a rainy-day fund, or a sizable arranged overdraft.

Relying on the reach of your parents' home insurance policy may not protect you either.

On 23 August, 2016, GoCompare examined 438 home contents insurance policies listed on the matrix of independent financial researcher, Defaqto, and found 78% of home contents insurance policies included cover for family members while living and studying away from home.

Revision notes

  • According to Endsleigh, in 2015, 57% of students break or lose their phones while away at university[2]
  • According to Endsleigh, in 2015, male students take almost £1,000 more stuff away to uni than female students[3]

But cover levels differed from £500 to £25,000, so why take the risk?

How to get a quote for shared accommodation

To run a quote have your personal information to hand. You’ll need the address of your student home, your living arrangements, where you're studying and details of your course.

You can opt-in for possessions away from home (handy if you’re lugging your life to and from lectures), gadget insurance for laptops and mobiles, rent protection and cover for keys, bicycles, musical instruments, tuition fees and coursework.

Student insurance explained

If you have any burning questions about protecting your interests at uni, read the guides and tips on GoCompare's Student insurance campus.

The campus holds information about pros and cons of a dedicated student policy against relying on your family's home insurance or the cover provided by your college accommodation, new-for-old policies, out-of-term cover, plus tips on how to keep your belongings safe.

You can also read about student car insurance and student finance, plus other info that might be appropriate for all aspects of your college years, including banking, broadband, travel and partying.

International student insurance

Endsleigh can also offer insurance for international students in the UK,[1] covering areas such as:

  • Medical costs which are not covered by the NHS
  • Cutting short, cancelling or repeating your course due to accident, illness or sickness
  • The cost of bringing a relative to the UK to visit you following a medical emergency
  • Legal liability cover to pay damages if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property