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  • Protect possessions against theft and damage - quotes from 75 insurance brands
  • Quotes available for rented properties including self-contained flats, shared flats and houses
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  • Is tenants' insurance the same as contents insurance?

    The short answer is, yes - home contents insurance and tenants' insurance are essentially the same thing. Tenants don't have to worry about buildings insurance - that's the landlord's job. In our quotes process you'll be asked whether you're renting and, if so, you can proceed to compare contents only policies
    Sean Davies, Gocompare.com
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How can we help you with tenants' insurance today?

You could save money by comparing tenants' quotes from 75 insurance brands in one quick search, with cover available for goods in rented properties including houses, self-contained flats and shared flats.

Although renters need some specific consideration, tenants' insurance is essentially the same product as home contents insurance and you search for it - and buy it - in much the same way.

In our quotes process, after telling us when you'd like your cover to start we ask whether you own or rent.

The reason for this is that renters shouldn't have to concern themselves with buildings insurance - that's the landlord's responsibility.

If you tell us you're renting you'll just compare contents insurance and can avoid the extra questions needed to arrange buildings cover.

To help return the most appropriate quotes to you, you'll also be asked whether you're living in a housing association, you're a private tenant or a council tenant.

If you're a private or council tenant you'll be asked whether the property is furnished or unfurnished - essentially, whether all or most of the furniture in the property belongs to the landlord (furnished) or the tenant(s).

Our easy-to-use forms will ask for basic information about you, the property you're seeking contents cover for, and details of any other occupants of the residence.

You'll need to answer questions about the sort of locks on external entry points, the age of the building and its distance from water - there'll be on-screen help to guide you through.

Did you know...?

  • Landlords must give tenants 24 hours notice before inspecting their property
  • All tenant deposits must be put into a tenancy deposit scheme (TDP)

When dealing with the contents itself you'll need to estimate their total value, to choose your voluntary excess level, to decide whether accidental damage cover is required and if you want cover away from home.

You'll be asked whether you have any individual items worth over £1,000 - if so, these will need to be listed and described individually.

Away-from-home insurance can also be arranged selectively on bicycles and/or laptops.

When you've finished assessing your contents needs, you'll see a handy summary of the cover you've asked for before proceeding to compare tenants' insurance quotes.

You can find out more about the areas you need to consider in our tenants' insurance guides, where you'll also get the answers to frequently asked questions.

Learn who tenants' insurance is suitable for and how to estimate the value of your contents, with more information on flood risk, excesses, exclusions, cover away from home and bicycle insurance.

There are also money-saving tips on tenants' cover to be read, plus a guide on how to be a tenant and to understanding tenancy deposit protection schemes (TDP).