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Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Compare cheap travel insurance quotes from over 40 insurance brands

  • Get travel insurance from as little as £5.49[1]
  • Medical expenses, cancellation and personal baggage are included on all policies as standard
  • You choose the additional cover levels you'd like to have
  • Compare policies side-by-side to get the right cover for you


  • Why do I need travel insurance?

    Medical treatment can cost a fortune when you're abroad and bills for tests and hospital stays can run into thousands of pounds, so don't take the risk for the sake of a few pounds. Get yourself and your family covered
    Jeremy Cryer, Gocompare.com
  • When should I buy a travel policy?

    If you leave it late to buy your insurance you could miss out on some really useful features such as cancellation cover... It's a false economy to leave it to the last minute, so arrange your policy as soon as you've booked your holiday
    Jeremy Cryer, Gocompare.com
  • Why you should shop around for travel money

    Individuals buy holiday money infrequently and so may not shop around much or may just stick with the same supplier. A cocktail of confusing charges and poor transparency means collectively we are losing out in a big way
    Mike O'Connor, chief executive at Consumer Focus
  • Advice on using credit cards abroad

    If you plan on using a credit card abroad, make sure you tell your bank that you're planning on doing so. Otherwise, they might notice 'unusual activity' and helpfully block it, preventing you from accessing your money until you can get the matter sorted
    Rachel England, journalist
  • How useful is an EHIC?

    The name European Health Insurance Card suggests that it provides a greater level of medical cover than it actually does. It's a useful thing to carry with you on holiday in Europe, but it's no substitute for having proper travel cover
    Jeremy Cryer, Gocompare.com
  • Insurance claim advice

    Having a genuine claim rejected because you didn't follow the insurer's guidelines is frustrating but it can be avoided if you read the policy documents and take a copy of them away with you
    Jeremy Cryer, Gocompare.com
  • Being drunk can invalidate your travel claim

    Insurers expect holidaymakers to let their hair down and enjoy a few drinks, but go too far and they may refuse to pay any claims which occur as a result of your drunken behaviour. If a heavy drinking session ends in a visit to A&E your insurer may argue that you acted negligently and refuse to pay the medical bill
    Jeremy Cryer, Gocompare.com
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Why choose Gocompare.com's travel insurance comparison service?

With the help of our partners theidol.com,[2] we compare over 40 travel insurance brands in one simple search and offer premiums from as little as £5.49.[1]

All the quotes will include cover for medical expenses, cancellation and personal baggage.

Should you choose to try our quotes service, our one-page form will ask for basic personal and contact information, the number of people travelling, plus whether the travellers requiring cover have any pre-existing medical conditions.

You'll be able to choose whether you want single- or multi-trip insurance, or a backpacker/gap-year policy.

If you need cover for winter sports, a cruise or a business trip, you can tick an appropriate box.

Then it's just a case of entering the start date required and choosing the part of the world you need insurance for.

Did you know...?

  • Buying insurance from a package holiday operator could cost three times as much as from a comparison site[3]
  • Being drunk can invalidate your claim

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You'll find explanations of key areas such as cancellation, curtailment, abandonment, baggage, legal expenses and delayed or missed departure, plus much more.

Look out for information on why you need insurance, how much cover is required, if adventure activities are included, and why you should carry a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Our guides can help you to understand optional add-ons to policies and specialist cover, including policies for over-65s, for people with pre-existing medical conditions, scheduled airline failure insurance (Safi) and sports cover.

There's also plenty to read on subjects such as winter travel insurance, cover for skiing and other winter sports, why paying by credit card may benefit you, plus tips to help find the right policy at the right price, money-saving suggestions, and advice from the Foreign Office.