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Travel insurance for over 60s

Over 60 and looking to travel? Compare travel insurance quotes and see if you could save. 

Key points

  • Insurance companies view you as more of a risk when you get older, so your insurance policy may cost a bit more
  • You can get specialist policies for certain medical conditions, cruise holidays and a variety of sports and activities
  • Declare all health problems (including mental illnesses) when looking for your travel insurance. If you're not sure whether your health problem should be declared, it might be best to mention it just in case

Travel insurance can be confusing - do you want annual cover? A single-trip policy? What about any pre-existing medical conditions? Are they covered? 

Never fear – we'll give you a helping hand when it comes to understanding your over 60s travel insurance.

What insurance do travellers over 60 need?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) discovered that UK residents spent over £43 billion on visits abroad in 2016.

Little wonder - who doesn’t want to be able to spend their savings on excursions, sight-seeing, and making memories in far-off lands?

What you really don’t want to overspend on is your travel insurance, or buy the wrong cover and be left in the lurch, so it’s important to choose the right over 60s cover.