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Travel insurance for Singapore

Going on holiday to Singapore? Find out about the travel insurance you'll need for Singapore and how to get the best deal.

Key points

  • There's no healthcare agreement between Singapore and the UK - you'll have to pay for treatment
  • Violent crime is rare, but credit card fraud can be a problem
  • Chewing gum and e-cigarettes are illegal in Singapore, so leave both at home

Singapore, The Lion City.

This pocket-sized microcosm of cultures attracts thrill seekers, serious shoppers, and adventurous foodies. 

If that sounds like you then let's see what's out there for Singapore travel insurance.

Travel insurance Singapore

Cultures from around the world combine to make Singapore one of the must-visit cities in Asia. 

With Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences, it's worth coming just for the grub! Now let's look at what travel insurance you'll need.

Why are you travelling to Singapore?

Business or pleasure? Both are cracking reasons to visit the city state of Singapore. 

Indeed, nearly half a million people visit from the UK every year.

For pleasure: Insurance for tourists

Superstar shopping. Verdant forests. Jaw-dropping skylines. 

Singapore packs it all into a conveniently small package for tourists. 

Most trips to the island are problem-free, but it's still a good idea to have your travel insurance for Singapore in place.