Our latest TV advert

It's the new Gocompare.com advert with the comeback performance we've all been waiting for... #GioReturns

Our operatic superstar Gio Compario has returned with an unforgettable surprise you won't want to miss. Just make sure you have some tissues handy... it could get emotional!

Gio's 90-second comeback ad aired to an audience of 8.7 million on its opening night alone, and is supported by a huge outdoor and digital campaign.

After a short break, it's great to be back behind the moustache as Gio Compario
Wynne Evans

It features a new version of the iconic Gocompare.com song recorded by Wynne Evans and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, with production from Yellow Boat Music.

After his triumphant return, Gio was soon back into his moolah-saving mission, popping up on a hog, in a country house, on a train and even on Romeo and Juliet's balcony!

For the campaign, Gocompare.com has partnered with creative duo Chris and Siân Wilkins, who created the Gio Compario character as well as other recognisable advertisements, such as the singing Sheilas' Wheels adverts and Cadbury's 'Smash Martians'.

"After a short break, it's great to be back behind the moustache as Gio Compario," said the star of the show, Wynne Evans

"We've really gone all out to make sure that the new song has been produced to the highest standard. I'm incredibly proud of the music and I'm looking forward to the public hearing it."

Gocompare.com's Nicholas Hall added: "We're delighted to bring back one of the UK's most iconic advertising characters in Gio Compario, along with a new look and beautifully re-arranged song.

"Over the years our brand mascot has been hugely successful in informing the British public that Gocompare.com is the place to go for great deals on a wide range of products.

"The return of Gio, in a multi-media digital world, has allowed us to use not only broadcast television, but all the other digital media opportunities available today.

"The campaign is easily the biggest we have ever done and has been designed to position Gocompare.com as the leading brand that we are. We're proud of service we provide to our customers, so now it's time for our iconic opera star to literally sing our praises across the UK."

Whether you're looking to save on your motoring, property, travel, or another financial outgoing, why not give us a try?

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