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Our latest TV advert

Gio Compario has delivered the Gocompare.com tour bus to its final destination, LlandofsavingmoneyandgettingtherightdealgogoGocompare - and now it's time to meet the town's residents...

Some say Glynn the House Whisperer was raised by the houses - his affinity with bricks and mortar means he can protect a home, inside or out. Or so says his mysterious friend.

If you're looking for home insurance, Glynn is your man. He'll bring his trusty welcome mat to a hostile doorstep and tame threats to your home's contents with his low mellifluous voice - he can even speak house.

Any man who can pull off triple denim is one who can be trusted with your home insurance, surely?

Whether you're looking to save on your energy, home insurance, or another financial outgoing, why not give us a try?

"We think Gocompare.com works harder for consumers than any other comparison site and we wanted a campaign that would help us communicate that message in an entertaining way," said Gocompare.com's Kevin Hughes.

"We know that people will be keen to see what happens to Gio next. The new campaign will firmly position him as the legend that we all know him to be, but will also see the introduction of new characters enabling us to convey aspects of the Gocompare.com service that differentiate the brand still further."

For all our other TV adverts and to join in the fun, please visit our Gio Compario YouTube channel.

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