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It's the new Gocompare.com adverts and Gio's engaging in some leisure activity. Fantastic!


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Archive of Gocompare.com's TV adverts

  1. Gio Compario in the coffee shop
  2. Gio Compario shakes up suburbia
  3. Gio Compario at the letterbox
  4. Gio Compario goes to finishing school
  5. Gio Compario's business lunch
  6. Desert-island Gio
  7. Gio Compario walks like an EgyptianFrom loans to plastic we're quite fantastic
  8. Silent movie star Gio Compario
  9. Gio Compario in outer space
  10. Robin Hood meets Gio
  11. Gio Compario rides in a sedan chair
  12. Gio Compario in the Stone Age
  13. Gio Compario loses his head
  14. Gio Compario plays Fairy Godmother
  15. Gio Compario takes on the big, bad wolf
  16. Sue Barker and the bazooka
  17. Stuart Pearce takes on Gio Compario
  18. Can Gio survive his encounter with Ray Mears?
  19. Christmas with Louie Spence... powered by Gio Compario
  20. Gio Compario bares his soul at a bus stop
  21. Stephen Hawking and the black hole
  22. Gio Compario and double dog
  23. Gio Compario and his non-piano-playing dog
  24. Gio Compario's new song for Gocompare.com
  25. Gio Compario's Action Doll
  26. Gio Compario's plane
  27. Gio Compario's new job
  28. Gio Compario's journey home
  29. All aboard Gio's bus
  30. Gio arrives home!
  31. Glynn the House Whisperer
  32. April 2014: Dinner party
  33. May 2014: Gocompare.com's Defaqto glasses
  34. July 2014: Meet Mick and Mike
  35. August 2014: Keep on trucking with the House Whisperer
  36. September 2014: Meet Leo and his Wiggle Workout
  37. December 2014: Go Go Power!
  38. January 2015: Glynn and the zombie sleep walkers
  39. January 2015: Meet Gocompare.com's comparison professor
  40. March 2015: Mick and Mike get their sofa running
  41. July 2015: #GioReturns
  42. September 2015: Romeo and Juliet's balcony
  43. September 2015: On yer bike
  44. September 2015: Duchess
  45. September 2015: Gio on the train
  46. February 2016: Gio catches a cab
  47. February 2016: Gio waxes lyrical about loans
  48. February 2016: Gio croons about credit cards
  49. February 2016: Gio gets musical about mortgages
  50. March 2016: Gio gets gas in the concert hall
  51. April 2016: Gio arrives on his white charger
  52. April 2016: Check out Gio in his bathing suit

When Gio met…

  1. Jimmy Carr
  2. Alan Carr and Jimmy Carr
  3. Alan Carr and Jimmy Carr… again

One-off specials

  1. Who is Gio?
  2. Christmas message 2009
  3. Gio Compario does the John Barnes rap
  4. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  5. #GioReturns: Behind the camera
  6. #GioReturns: The man behind the moustache