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Dine FAQ

How do I claim my membership?

You don't have to do anything to claim your Membership. Once you have made a Qualifying Purchase you will be sent a Reward Email setting out how you can activate your Membership.

What is a qualifying purchase?

A Qualifying Purchase is where an eligible customer purchases car, home, van, bike or pet insurance through GoCompare during the Promotion Period.

Who is eligible?

Only customers who have purchased car, home, van, bike or pet insurance though GoCompare during the Promotion Period are eligible.

Is there a time limit to make a qualifying purchase?

All Qualifying Purchases must be made within 1 month of the Membership Invitation Email to enable you to receive your Membership.

When will I receive my membership?

You will receive your Membership within 7 days of the purchase date. You will be sent a Reward Email containing a link to a page where you can activate your Membership.

How many memberships can I claim?

You can only claim one Membership per email address after the sale has been validated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this offer.

Can I buy a product direct and still receive a membership?

Customers will only be eligible to receive a Membership if the Qualifying Purchase is made through the website or through the website but completed via the telephone directly with the product provider, providing the customer has informed the provider of the GoCompare quote and valid reference number.

I used a different email address when purchasing a product than the email address the reward email was sent to?

In order to claim a Membership, you must use the same email address when making a Qualifying Purchase. If you use a different email address at any point then you will be unable to claim a Membership.

Why is the membership not available on all products?

We have offered the Membership for the purchase of car, home, van, bike or pet insurance only on our site.

Can I back date an membership claim?

Unfortunately not. The Membership offer is only valid from 20 April 2018.

Is it free to collect my membership?

There are no additional or administrative charges for you to receive your Membership, once you have made a Qualifying Purchase your Membership will be issued to you within 7 days.

How will I receive my membership?

After you have made a Qualifying Purchase, we will verify the sale, you will then receive a Reward Email with a link to activate your Membership. Please note this process could take up to 7 days.

It's been 7 days and I haven't received my membership, where is it?

If you haven't received your Membership and it's been 7 days since you made your Qualifying Purchase, email us at rewardteam@gocompare.com and they will investigate why you have not received your Membership.

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