Cookies used on this website

Go.Compare, together with our trusted partners, uses cookies in combination with other information we maintain for a number of purposes, including the following:

1. Essential and Functional Cookies

We use these cookies to enable certain online functionality including to:

  • maintain your settings and authenticate your identity while you are logged in to our services;
  • ensure your journey through our sites and to our partners is seamless;
  • access your information so we can provide you with personalised content and experiences;
  • identify returning users and allow them to be presented with a personalised version of the site, plus eliminate the need for returning users to re-enter all their login details;
  • understand which referral sites brought you to us;
  • reward affiliates who have introduced you to us and ensure you receive cashback you may be owed;
  • support security measures and to assist in identifying possible fraudulent or abusive activities.

If you object to the use of essential and functional cookies please see our section on managing cookies.

2. Analytical Performance and Measurement Cookies

We use these cookies to measure users’ behaviour so we can keep our products and services relevant, easy to use and up to date. For example, we can see which products and services are most popular, identify when and where errors occur, and test different versions of a page in order to provide an improved online experience.

These cookies enable us to analyse and measure which pages on our site are interacted with, how long for and which links are followed. The data collected will generally be aggregated to provide trends and usage patterns for business analysis, site/platform improvement and performance metrics and to inform our advertising and marketing strategies. The resulting analysis can also be shared with our business partners.

If you object to the use of analytical performance and measurement cookies please see our section on managing cookies.

3. Targeting and Behavioural Advertising Cookies

We use these cookies to:

  • deliver content and marketing communications tailored to your interests based on information from your visit;
  • measure general user behaviour across our sites and third party sites to build a profile based on users’ browsing patterns so that we can target advertising to users that will be more relevant to their interests. For example, when you visit a page on insurance products then the cookie will collect this information and we may target you with advertising for insurance products on other sites;
  • display relevant advertising to you on other sites, based on your web search activity;
  • serve you personalised advertising on social media platforms, such as Facebook.

We cannot control nor do we have access to any cookies placed on your computer by third party advertisers and sponsors.

For more detailed information about the third parties who we work with on targeting and behavioural advertising, please click here.

If you object to the use of targeting and behavioural advertising cookies please see our section on managing cookies.

4. Other Cookies and Web Beacons

Fraud prevention

Our website also uses both first and third party cookies as a security measure to protect against fraud and abuse and to help to identify irregularities in behaviour, these may include cookies written with Adobe Flash technology. Adobe utilise their own cookies, which are not manageable through your browser settings but are used by the Flash Player for similar purposes, such as storing preferences or tracking users. Flash Cookies work in a different way to web browser cookies; rather than having individual cookies for particular jobs, a website is restricted to storing all data in one cookie. You can control how much data, if any, may be stored in that cookie but you cannot choose what type of information is allowed to be stored. You can manage which websites can store information in Flash cookies on your device via the website storage settings panel on the Adobe website.

Web Beacons

We also include web beacons in our emails to track the success of our marketing campaigns. This means that if you open an email from us we can see which of the pages of our website you have visited. Our web beacons do not store additional information on your device but, by communicating with our cookies on your device, they can tell us whether our emails are opened and verify any clicks through to links or advertisements.

If you object to the use of web beacons please see our section on managing cookies.

For more detailed information about the third party cookies on our sites, please click here

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