Go.Compare sponsors The Voice UK on ITV

Join Gio and Wynne in the iconic coaches’ seats at the auditions round of The Voice UK.

Their mission? To find our Dot and help us become your voice of choice.

Go.Compare sponsors The Voice UK

Finding Dot

You might have noticed Go.Compare has a new addition – Dot. 

Gio Compario, and the actor who plays him, Wynne Evans, have been holding auditions with The Voice UK to find someone that can help sing our latest jingle and play the ‘Dot’ in our new name, Go.Compare.

Now with our trio of brand champions, we’re ready to be your voice of choice. 

Watch the latest clips

Take a look at our videos to find out how Gio and Wynne found our Dot.

  • 1. Impersonator

    Auditions to find our Dot begin! No fake moustaches, please.


  • 2. Reckless singer

    Gio and Wynne take auditions very seriously - choosing the right song is crucial.


  • 3. Mutt mic

    Our judging panel won't be persuaded by a cute dog!


  • 4. Long haul

    We love a grand finale! But you might want to keep it short.

  • 5. Magician

    A magical performance, but one that left Gio and Wynne still searching.

  • 6. Travelling through

    What a fantastic voice - it travels so well!

  • 7. I want lunch

    The best act the judges have seen all day.

  • 8. Signing off

    Gio and Wynne practice their pre-swivel moves.

  • 9. Finding Dot

    Gio and Wynne find our new star (well, technically she'll be our new Dot).

  • 10. Throw it away

    Our Dot has her first practice session, singing with Wynne and Gio.

  • 11. You are ready

    Our Dot is finally ready for a duet!

  • 12. Dreamer

    Wait ... was it all real?

  • 13. Our Dot a diva

    She's really settling in to her new role.

  • 14. Oops

    Getting the serious walk right takes practice.

  • 15. Perfect performance

    Got to squeeze in a quick pre-show warm up.

  • 16. Go Dot Compare

    Introducing our voices of choice!

  • 17. Dot selfie

    Making the most of the moment with a cheeky selfie.

Did you spot us in the ad breaks?

Gio and Wynne also take centre stage in our new TV advert – safe to say we’re all a little dotty about our new logo! Check it out:

The Voice of Choice

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