Meet our team

Our team's made up of experts and journalists, with decades of combined experience in the insurance and financial industries.

Want to learn more about insurance, financial services, or industry regulation? These are your people.

Find out more about our team members here:

Lee Griffin

Founder and President of Go.Compare

Ceri McMillan

Insurance expert

Ryan Fulthorpe

Insurance expert

Amy Smith

Insurance writer and editor

Eve Powell

Personal finance and insurance writer

Kim Jones

Personal finance and insurance writer

Holly Thomas

Personal finance journalist

John Fitzsimons

Personal finance writer

Abbie Laughton-Coles

Personal finance and insurance editor

Matt Sanders

Money, broadband and insurance expert

Tony Evans

Insurance expert

Gareth Kloet

Energy expert

Owain Harrhy

Group Senior Risk & Compliance Manager

Jasmine Hembury

Compliance Assistant

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