How to save money on airport parking

You’ve got a few different options when it comes to leaving your car at the airport. It’s important to choose the right one for your trip – you could even find a great deal by shopping around.

Amy Smith
Amy Smith
Updated 2 December 2019  | 4 min read

Types of airport parking

Here are some of the most popular options:

On-site airport car parks

These are official car parks owned by the airport. There’ll usually be a long stay and a short stay option.

Park and ride

This will usually be the airport’s off-site parking option. A shuttle bus service will take you to and from the terminal with your luggage.

Meet and greet

You drop your car off at the airport, where a chauffeur will drive it to the car park for you while you head to check-in.

Independent car parks

Individuals or companies might offer car parking sport near the airport. As these aren’t owned by the airport, you might not get the same level of security, but you could get a cheaper deal.

How to find a cheap parking deal

  1. Book ahead - you’ll typically have to pay more if you book your parking spot on the day
  2. Book a hotel and parking deal - you could save by booking your accommodation and parking in one go
  3. Shop around - compare airport parking from a number of providers to find the right deal for you

What to look out for when booking airport parking

Make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for – will there be a shuttle bus, or will you have to walk or arrange transport to the terminal?

Finding out the airport’s distance from the terminal is also important as cheaper car parks will likely be further away.

Check the security as some airport car parks will usually have CCTV in place, but local car parks might not.

If there are transfers, how often they run? You don’t want to be hanging around for ages, waiting for a shuttle bus.

Check the cancellation policy and find out if your deal will be non-refundable if you change your mind or something unexpected crops up.

As well as making sure your car is safe while you’re away, it’s important to cover yourself and your trip too – it’s best to arrange travel insurance as soon as possible, just in case

What if my flight is cancelled?

Different car parks have different policies on this but taking out cancellation cover when you book might help your case. If you don’t, you might be charged to cancel your airport parking.

Airports usually have a grace period, but these can also vary. If you’re already abroad, you may be charged more for if you go over the grace period time limit. Get in touch with the provider to let them know what’s happening and follow their advice.

Is it safe to park your car at the airport?

Check the airport’s security standards to be sure your car will be safe.

Look out for the Park Mark award that’s awarded to car parks with low crime rates and tight security in place.