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Your holiday’s booked - the flight, the hotel, and the excursions are all sorted, but have you organised your transport between the airport and accommodation?

You could leave it until you arrive but you’ll almost always end up paying more, so think about booking an airport transfer in advance to save time, hassle and money.

How airport transfers work

Airport transfers take you from the airport to your accommodation and can be arranged before you travel.

Once you’ve confirmed your holiday and travel plans online or over the phone, check your booking documents carefully for instructions on finding your transfer.

You should keep a copy in your hand luggage, so you can check it upon arrival too.

If you’ve booked a private car, your driver will usually be waiting for you when you exit ‘Arrivals’. For shared transport like minibuses, you might need to find your way to a pre-agreed meeting point outside the airport building where the bus will be waiting.

Just show the driver your booking confirmation and you’ll be allowed to jump in.

Whether you’re travelling on a budget or in absolute luxury, booking your airport transfer will save you having to flag down a taxi and help you get to your destination safely.

Types of airport transfers

Choose an airport transfer that suits your budget and the size of your group. You’ve got a few options:

Shuttle bus transfer

Sometimes also called a minibus transfer, a shuttle bus will collect a number of different parties and may stop at several hotels.

It’s usually a cheaper option, but it will take you longer to get to your accommodation.

Speedy shuttle bus transfer

The same as a shuttle bus, this will be a shared transfer but will usually stop at a limited number of hotels.

This option is still typically cheaper than a private car.

Private transfer

This could be a car, a taxi or a minibus, depending on the size of your group.

It could work out pretty cheap if there are a few of you getting a minibus together.

Luxury vehicle transfer

Sometimes also called a private luxury transfer or executive transfer, you’ll travel in a high-class vehicle.

This could even be a chauffeur-driven limo, perfect for that special romantic getaway.

Don’t get stuck heaving your suitcase on and off the train, book an airport transfer for your next holiday

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How to find a cheap airport transfer deal

  1. Dodge the taxi rank

    Finding a taxi on the day will be more expensive than a pre-booked transfer

  2. Hop on a shared shuttle bus

    The humble shuttle bus is probably your cheapest option for airport transfers

  3. Use local transport

    If you know your new destination well, navigating the local transport could see you saving

  4. Use car hire

    Exploring a few different places on your hols? Hiring a car could work out better value

  5. Use a ride sharing app

    Getting an Uber or Lyft might work out cheaper than a private car

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