Insurance Director

Ceri McMillan

Home, travel and pet insurance expert

Ceri McMillan - travel, pet and home insurance expert

I’m Ceri and I'm Insurance Director at Go.Compare. I'm also the brand’s media spokesperson for all things home, travel and pet insurance. 

I have been at Go.Compare for over 10 years so it’s safe to say I live and breathe insurance. 

I find home, travel and pet insurance fascinating. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, and we all know how much we treasure our pets, so making sure you have the right cover for them is essential. 

As for travel, no one wants to go on their annual holiday only to be hit with thousands of pounds in bills for medical expenses – that’s where travel insurance can help.

Ceri's insurance tips

1. Shop around for quotes: You’ll be surprised by how much you could save by switching and it only takes a few minutes.
2. Take care:  Things like keeping your house well maintained and your pet in good health could save you having to claim in future. Some insurance policies may not cover claims where you've shown negligence.
3. Get your cover amount right:  If you don’t, you risk not being covered for the full amount and being out of pocket after a claim.
4. Get specialist cover:  Standard insurance policies won't cover everything and in some cases you may need specialist insurance. For instance, if you or a pet have a pre-existing condition, you’re better off looking for a policy that'll have specialist cover for your needs.

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40% of holiday makers aren't planning to buy travel insurance

Daily Record

"If people are thinking they’re saving money by going away without the right level of insurance, this is most definitely a false economy. If the worst should happen and you need medical care while away, travel insurance will cover your costs. Without it, your bill could run into £1000s."

Can you get compensation if your flight in cancelled?


"If you’re travelling with an EU-based airline, or from an airport in the EU, the airline has to help you if your flight is cancelled or delayed beyond a certain amount of time. This also means that you don’t have to claim on your travel insurance."

Nearly One in 10 pet owners regrets not adopting

Companion Life

"The demand for pets has increased in recent years, partly due to a surge of people seeking companionship in lockdown, which has caused an increase in their value. When combined with trends for owning particular breeds, irresponsible breeders will, unfortunately, look to cash in on this."