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Car breakdown cover

Compare car breakdown cover policies for rescue and recovery in the UK and Europe

  • Policies are available for cars, motorbikes and vans
  • Roadside assistance and local recovery are included on all policies as standard
  • Compare prices and policies side by side to find the right one for you


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How can we help you with car breakdown cover today?

Even the most modern of vehicles can't guarantee 100% reliability, so let us help you search a wide range of breakdown policies to compare prices and levels of cover, with options for cars, vans and motorbikes.

Need more information?

To find the cover you need, click into our easy-to-use forms where the short, two-step process will ask for the age of your vehicle.

All the breakdown products we offer will have roadside assistance and local recovery as standard features, but we'll ask you to decide whether you want cover for just the UK or also for Europe.

Should you select UK only you'll have the chance to also specify whether you want nationwide recovery, onward journey cover and/or home start on the policy.

There'll be help text to assist you with all such terms and you can also read more about them in our guide pages.

Should you choose cover for the UK and Europe, any policy you select will include nationwide recovery. Guide to driving abroad

You'll be asked to choose whether you want cover for a single European trip, or an annual multi-trip policy, which you may want to consider as part of your regular cover for the UK.

A single trip policy can provide breakdown cover in Europe for a maximum of 91 days, while multi-trip options can provide cover for up to 31 days a trip, capped at a maximum of 90 days a year.

Should you select an annual policy you'll also be asked whether you need home start and onward journey cover.

After you've made your selections you'll be asked for your name, email address and date of birth - you must be aged 16 or over to get a quote.

You'll be presented with a table displaying your options that will include a breakdown of the cover you've selected, the name of the provider and the cost.

There'll also be a column detailing whether there's a limit placed on the number of call-outs in a year or - if it's a single-trip European policy - the duration of the cover.

You'll see whether European cover, nationwide recovery, onward journey and/or home start are included and you'll have the chance to easily update your results by adding or removing any of these options.

When you see an option you like you can click through for more detailed information on the policy and - if you're happy - you can proceed to purchase.

Hints and tips

  • Learn how to change a wheel
  • Always pack a jack, a spare wheel, a towing eye, oil and water in the boot
  • Make sure you have enough fuel to complete your journey
  • Keep warm clothes and blankets in your vehicle for emergencies
  • Carry a torch

If you're having trouble deciding on the insurance you need, have a read of our breakdown cover guides, where you'll also get the answers to frequently asked questions.

You can find out more about standard breakdown insurance, pay and claim cover, roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, home assistance, onward travel, and the other options you may want to think about, such as vehicle, individual or family cover.

Our guides can help with areas such as whether you should couple breakdown cover with your car insurance or buy it as a separate policy.

There are dedicated pages on classic car cover, caravans and trailers, motorhomes, motorbikes, vans and business use, plus an article considering the pros and cons of choosing a small breakdown provider against one of the big organisations such as Green Flag, the AA or RAC.

Remember to watch out for exclusions - find out, for example, why you should check whether you're covered if you break down on private land, if your car will be recovered after an accident and whether you'll get help with a flat tyre or if you put the wrong fuel in.

We've got money-saving tips for breakdown cover, you can read a guide on what to do if your vehicle breaks down and an essential motoring checklist that may help prevent that unfortunate eventuality.