Business breakdown cover

We don’t currently offer cover for fleets, but we can help you find breakdown cover for individual work vehicles

amy smith
Amy Smith
Updated 14 January 2021  | 2 min read

What's business breakdown cover?

Business breakdown cover will help to keep your company's vehicles moving.

You can choose the right level of cover to suit the needs of your business and vehicles.

The most basic cover is roadside assistance only. So if you break down a certain distance from your home, your breakdown provider will send someone to help you at the roadside.

The next level up also includes vehicle recovery. So if your vehicle can’t be fixed at the roadside, it’ll be towed to the nearest garage or back to your company premises.

You can choose to add nationwide recovery, home assistance, onward travel and European cover to your policy.

Check cover details carefully to make sure you know what you're buying. The cheapest cover might not be the best choice for your needs.

Do I need breakdown cover for business vehicles?

It's not a legal requirement, but it can come in handy if your business vehicles break down. It can be useful for businesses with multiple vehicles, for example, taxi or delivery companies.

You might not need business breakdown cover if you only have one vehicle with one driver. A personal breakdown policy might be more suitable. But check the terms and conditions first to see if commercial vehicles can be covered by it.

How does it differ from normal breakdown cover?

Some policies offer like-for-like replacements if your vehicle is in the garage, or otherwise undriveable, so you can carry on working.

You might also be offered other perks, like online tools to manage what vehicles are included in your business’s fleet.

Some providers offer discounts for each vehicle you add to the policy too.

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