Family breakdown cover

If there's more than one car on your driveway, family breakdown or multi-car breakdown cover could give you the peace of mind you're after.

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Updated 7 January 2022  | 2 mins read

Nobody wants to be stranded on the side of the road because of mechanical trouble.

You can't always rely on your car, motorbike or van to get your from A to B, but you can rely on a breakdown policy to get you out of a jam.

A standard policy should provide you with roadside assistance and local recovery and give you the option to add different features that suit you and your driving habits.

You can also choose between personal breakdown cover or vehicle breakdown cover, the latter usually being cheaper as it presents a lower level of risk to insurers.

But if you have more than one car on the driveway, another money-saving option could be a family or multi-car breakdown policy.

Please note:

  • does not currently offer family, multi-car breakdown policies

What is multi-car breakdown cover?

Multi-car breakdown allows you to insure several cars (usually up to five) with one policy, saving you fuss and, potentially, money.

To be considered for multi-car cover, all cars have to be registered to the same address, but they don't need to be owned by the same person.

Under some insurance provider's policies, if you have a son or daughter away at university then multi-car can apply to them, too.

Please note that does not currently offer family, multi-car breakdown policies, but you can read more about the different policy options and levels of cover you should consider in our breakdown insurance guides.

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