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Motorcycle breakdown cover explained

Motorbike breakdown cover will make sure your bike’s either repaired at the roadside or recovered to a nearby garage or your home if you break down.

You can choose from different levels of cover to make sure you’ll have help at hand at the times you need it.

So, whether it’s a straightforward puncture or something more complicated that can’t be fixed on the roadside, your breakdown cover can help you continue your journey and reach your destination safely.

motorbike breakdown

What types of motorbike breakdown cover are there?

There are two main types of cover you can choose from: covering either you as the rider or the motorbike itself:

  • Personal – This type of policy covers you if you break down on any motorbike, scooter or moped, whether you’re the driver or riding as a passenger on someone else’s bike. This cover is particularly useful if you have more than one motorcycle, but it tends to be more expensive than vehicle cover.
  • Vehicle – vehicle breakdown cover applies to a particular motorbike. This means the bike is also covered if you’re not the one riding it when it breaks down. This is usually the cheapest type of cover, and it can be a good option if you only ride one machine.

What does motorcycle breakdown cover me for?

Typically, motorbike breakdown cover options include:

  • Roadside assistance – When you need help, a mechanic will come out to you and make any repairs on the roadside. If they can’t fix the problem, they’ll organise for you and your bike (and passenger if you have one) to be taken to the nearest garage.
  • Nationwide recovery – As well as providing roadside assistance, if your bike can’t be fixed at the side of the road, this type of cover will take your bike to any UK destination you choose. This is particularly useful if you break down far from home.
  • Home start – this covers you when you’re at home or close to where you live and your bike won’t start, whether you have a flat battery or it’s due to something more complicated.
  • Onward journey – When your bike can’t be fixed quickly and has to be taken to a garage, this type of cover helps you to continue with your trip. It can pay for alternative means of travel or hotel accommodation while your bike is being repaired.

Single-trip European motorcycle breakdown cover

You can buy single-trip European breakdown cover for on its own as a standalone policy, or your provider might be able to upgrade your UK policy to allow for a trip abroad.

It’ll make sure you can get help with any motorcycle breakdown repair and recovery you might need during a trip to Europe – something that can otherwise be tricky with a language barrier.

Standalone policies will usually cover European trips that last up to 90 days. There are different levels of cover you can take out, which vary on how much compensation you’ll receive for breakdown assistance.

European breakdown cover typically provides you with a 24/7 UK helpline, roadside assistance, taking your bike to a local garage and transporting it back to the UK if it can’t be repaired.

If your trip’s likely to be more than 90 days, or you’re planning on a number of visits to Europe with your bike across the year, then you’ll need to take out an annual European breakdown policy.

Common exclusions on motorbike breakdown cover

While breakdown cover will help you when you experience a mechanical problem with your bike on the road, there are some things you won’t be covered for.

These will vary between providers, but common exclusions you might find include:

  • Road accidents – If your bike breaks down or is damaged because of a traffic accident, your provider might not be able to help you. They could have difficulty reaching your bike if emergency services are on the scene.
  • Breaking down on private land – If you’re on private land when your bike breaks down, your provider may not be able to reach you or might not be allowed onto the property. You could also be charged extra for their breakdown assistance here
  • Lack of basic maintenance – Your breakdown cover provider will expect you to take reasonable care of your motorbike, including basic maintenance. If you break down as a result of poor upkeep, for example, not topping up your oil, you might not be covered.


Yes, motorbike breakdown cover typically includes mopeds and scooters that are more than 49cc. Any vehicles that aren’t legally allowed on the roads, such as electric pavement vehicles and electric wheelchairs, will not be covered.

When you buy motorbike insurance, you’re likely to be given an option to take out breakdown cover too. It’s a good idea to compare quotes and see whether it’s more cost-effective to take this out jointly or for you to buy breakdown cover separately.

  1. Pull over safely – if your motorbike breaks down, you’ll need to find somewhere safe to pull over. You might need to use hand signals to let other drivers know where you’re intending to move and to make them aware you’re having difficulties.
  2. Stay visible – it’s important that you’re easily seen by other road users, so use your hazard lights where possible. High visibility vests can be stored under your bike seat and putting one on can help drivers to spot you quickly.
  3. Get professional help – working on your bike on the side of the road can be dangerous, as your attention is taken away from the traffic. It’s best to call your recovery service to get help quickly and safely, staying well away from the roadside while you wait.
  4. It’s always a good idea to keep the details and phone number of your recovery services on you, or stored in your bike, so that if something does happen you’ll have all the information you need to hand.

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