Personal breakdown cover

Personal breakdown policies covers you rather than a named vehicle. We don’t currently compare them, but it’s worth learning more about different types of breakdown cover to see which is right for you.

amy smith
Amy Smith
Updated 03 February 2021  | 2 min read

Key points

  • Personal breakdown cover applies just to you, rather than to a particular car
  • Policies sold through GoCompare are based on vehicle cover rather than personal cover
  • Prices tend to be higher than with vehicle-based policies because it's more difficult to quantify the risks
  • Families might want to consider multi-car breakdown policies as an alternative

What's personal breakdown cover?

A personal breakdown policy covers you – as in, whichever vehicle you’re driving – instead of a particular named vehicle.

For example, say you have two family cars and you’re insured to drive both. With personal breakdown cover, you’d be covered no matter which one you’re driving.

We don’t compare personal breakdown cover, but it’s worth knowing about if you drive multiple vehicles.

What’s covered?

Depending on your policy, you might be covered for:

  • Roadside assistance or recovery
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Home start
  • Onward travel
  • European breakdown cover
  • Replacement of key, tyre and battery
  • Misfuelling

What isn’t covered?

A personal vehicle policy will cover you while driving most vehicles, but the exact terms of your cover will depend on your provider – you should check your terms and conditions for any exclusions.

For example, you probably won’t be covered if you decide to take a super car or classic vehicle for a drive.

You’ll also need to check with your provider whether you’re covered while towing a caravan or driving a motorhome.

The last thing you want is to break down and have to pay out foe vehicle recovery because your policy isn't valid.

Alternatives to personal breakdown cover

Vehicle breakdown cover

Vehicle breakdown cover applies to a particular named vehicle, rather than to you.

That means you wouldn’t be covered if you drove any vehicle that’s not named on the policy.

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Business breakdown cover

A business or 'fleet' breakdown policy allows you to cover the multiple commercial cars, vans or motorcycles that make up your business’s fleet.

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